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  Bjørn Lynne (Dr.Awesome):
X2 - original game music soundtrack
Year: 1995

This techno-rock album blends hard guitar sounds into the up-tempo and energetic electronic music that makes up this album.

The music from the PlayStation game "X2" was taken to studio and remixed for a full CD release. This is not recorded from the PlayStation, but the same tunes from the game, now re-vamped and re-recorded in studio with nasty and loud guitars mixed into the techno/dance/trance, to create a kind of Dr.Awesome old-skool feeling.

All the tracks are connected together, making a 70+ minute energy-feast. :-).

Released in late 1996 on TRSI Recordz, and actually one of my most popular CDs. Check out the press-reviews below.

  01. project X2
02. blood red sky
03. no backup
04. criticus
05. crimson dusk
06. subterranea
07. face on
08. metropolis under fire
09. the stronghold
10. worlds of ice
11. red planet approach
12. bioform
13. command tower
14. strict formation
15. quark universe
16. project X2 remix
17. Bonus track: "City Grit"!

Reviews of Bjorn Lynne "X2" CD:

First, it is supposed to be background noise for a game. It certainly works wonderfully for that. Second, it's more than interesting enough that you can listen to it as music (not just background noise). Some soundtrack are a little too boring to listen to standalone. This one isn't. I've sat down more than once and given it my full attention all the way through. Third, it's good for an energy kick. If you are feeling a bit slow or even down, play this in the background and it will give you a good jump start. I use music like most people use coffee and this can be used both as a wake-me-up and as a fancy dessert drink to be sipped and enjoyed. It has a good blend of hard-hitting driving tracks and laid back tracks as not to become tiresome or monotonous and they don't all sound the same. The main theme subtly creeps in and out of a few of the tracks and is used a bit more in "worlds of Ice" quite nicely. Anyway, get the CD - it's really great. And it is proof that good VGM doesn't always come from Japan :) - Ken Crouch, USA

"Upon hearing this, we were completely blown away." - Powerplay magazine, England

"You NEED this soundtrack! Incredible masterpiece!" - James Godin, Playstation Central, USA

"X2 is by far the best video game soundtrack to hit the shelves." - Online Gaming Review

"The hot soundtrack to the new game from Team 17, Project X-2, is one of the best soundtracks to any game I've ever heard. I strongly recommend you check it out!" - Bob Arom, Bob's Playstation Page, USA.

"This CD is wicked - I love it!" - Robert Patrick, Playstatation Nexus, Australia

"The X2 soundtrack is in a class of it's own! I am extremely impressed - it's great!!" - Tekno magazine

(In PowerStation Magazine, the "WipEout" soundtrack by famous groups such as Orbital, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Leftfield etc. was given **** four stars; whereas "X2" by Dr.Awesome was given ***** five stars)


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.