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  Bjørn Lynne:
Worms 2 - original soundtrack
10 track downloadable album. Year: 1998

Please note that this digital download album is not the same as the physical CD "Worms 2 Soundtrack" released by Synsoniq Records in 1998. The Synsoniq CD had some additional remixes that were not produced by Bjorn Lynne, and had some bonus music from older Worms games. This is a new digital-only album containing only the music from the actual video game, "Worms 2".


01: Worms 2 Intro [mp3 clip]
02: Worms 2 Arm-Up Music [mp3 clip]
03: Worms 2 Stats Music [mp3 clip]
04: The Good, The Bad and the Squidgy [mp3 clip]
05: Underground Activities [mp3 clip]
06: Smugmode [mp3 clip]
07: Stale Socks [mp3 clip]
08: Attack in Sevens [mp3 clip]
09: Bad Boy Boggy B [mp3 clip]
10: Gumbo Gringo [mp3 clip]


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