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Bjørn Lynne:
Year: 2014
Style: World, Ambient, Fantasy, Chill, Instrumental...

This music is Ambient / World / Ethnic / Fantasy oriented. A combination of lush pads and ethereal sounds combine with ethnic percussions and sounds, to create a somewhat otherworldly, musical fantasy. I wanted to keep the melodies quite subtle and not too "in your face", to make this album a nice and relaxing, but still interesting and somewhat mystical listening experience. I hope you'll like it.

This is my first digital only album release. I've decided not to have physical discs manufactured of this album, so it is only available to purchase as digital downloads in MP3 or in FLAC. If you want a physical CD, you are allowed to burn your own copy from purchased MP3 or FLAC files, with a printed front cover artwork (artwork file included with the purchase).

Track listing:

01: Rainforest
02: Sirene Call
03: Eastern Promise
04: A Stranger To This Land
05: Snake Charmer
06: Ancestors Echoes
07: Forest Fantasy
08: Hazard Dream Child
09: Hope Is Always There
10: Miracle Voices
11: Space To Dream
12: Balasana

(Note: The previews playing below are in lo-fi, 56 kbps)


If you are interested in licensing any of the above tracks for use in your project, please see licensing.

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.