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  Purple Motion:

Jonne Valtone, alias Purple Motion of Future Crew, presents his debut professional music CD, cleverly titled: "Musicdisk". Full of Purple Motion's trademark upbeat, melodic electronic music, this CD is a great combination of "that demo-scene sound" with a professional, polished recording and production!

Note: This is a Music CD -- even though the front cover is cleverly made to look like a floppy disc! :-)

Here are some words from Purple Motion himself about his CD:

"It really has been a long and hard road making this one, 3-5 years to be vaguely precise, and I'm one happy person getting all of this finally together! The CD contains all kinds of different music styles (from old rearranged mods to new stuff) and the one thing I've tried to keep myself focused on (a red line, if you will) is the true spirit of tracking. By this I mean lots of delays, block forms and of course some Purple Motion mannerisms. I've put so much energy and heart (and money) into this CD that I truly hope you'll like it." - Jonne Valtone, "Purple Motion".


Track listing:

1. In Certain Frequency
2. Covering All The Bas(s)es
3. Excerpts from the Oceanic Suite
4. Yesterdays Like Tomorrows Like Todays
5. Glass Bone
6. Starshine
7. Bonus Malum
8. Looking Into The Eyes Of A Donkey
9. Satellite One
10. 2nd Reality, original soundtrack
11. The Wise And The Weak
12. Planet Fuzz


Reviews for Purple Motion "Music Disk":

"Firstly, what a service! Ordered late Friday afternoon, arrived this morning! Keep up the great work Bjorn!

Enough about the great service, what about the CD? To start with, just forget the demo scene, the tracker musicians and all that went with them; this is simply one outstanding album. There is variety in here for sure, but if you like your electronic music up-beat, full of energy, and highly melodic, this album was made for you. Normally I shudder at the thought of vocals in my synth music, but here the vocoder effects work really well.

If you know anything about the demo scene and tracker music, you will no doubt have heard of Jonne Valtone aka Purple Motion of Future Crew fame. His tracker style is without comparison, and the way he has transferred this style across to this CD is very impressive. Rather than simply re-make the music using modern methods, he's taken modern sounds and stuck to the old tracker methods of production. That's what it sounds like anyway! Starshine is an all-time favourite of mine, and it sounds absolutely fantastic on this CD. Mention must also go to the great version of 2nd Reality, while not as "large sounding"; as the version played with a band, is still an awesome experience with brand new up-to-date sounds being used.

If you like powerful melodic music that has that classic demo/tracker sound, you'll love this. Buy it now!" - Graham Potter, UK

"Purple Motion's older tracks back in his demoscene days were always a grab bag for me. A couple tracks I liked a lot but the majority of his stuff wasn't very interesting for me, although there were some serious limitations with what one could do with 4 channels.

Be forewarned, this review will deliver "tough love". I'm reviewing these tracks without bias towards or against PM. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this disk, but to me, not even track is a gem.

1&2 The first two tracks are very catchy dance like tunes with some interesting melody work, more than I was expecting from PM.
3 The third track is a modern demoscene like track which starts out ambient but breaks into a beat and soon the demo synths kick in.
4 The fourth track is not very interesting but the female singing is a nice change on this disc.
5 The fifth track is an interesting, self reflecting slow track that I do like. There is some vox work near the end of the track. While a mild track, it is a well made track.
6 Ahh the old classic, Starshine, possibly my favorite oldskool PM track, so I was delighted to hear it. If you know this song you'll love it as it was recreated PERFECTLY. It's really refreshing to hear it in CD quality glory.
7 Another dance tune (in the style of the 1st two tracks) but not as catching but yet not mindless like the bulk of techno out there.
8 Again, another track that has it's roots in demoscene music, with that mature feel to it. Overall it's a decent track and I think you'll like it.
9 Another oldskool remake, perfectly recreated. This track might only please the fans that know the original, people that have never heard it before mind find the key work annoying. This one put a smile on my face.
10 Yet another remake, and everybody will know this one... unless they were just too young to be a spectator of the scene. I have the original tracks but I haven't tried a comparison, but I've listened to the originals only a couple months ago and my mind tells be the recreation is nearly perfect.
11 The only other track with singing. I find this track superior to the other vocal song an this album. The song is chilled with some acoustic work in it and a bassy synth. It sounds like a really good Hoverphonic track possibly. I'd say this is one of my top 3 tracks on the album.
12 Yup, it's a chip tune. And not a very appealing one either. It sounds like a straight up NES chiptune with 16bit samples. Only true oldskoolers can appreciate it but if you missed that part of the scene, you'll absolutely hate it (unless you love NES chip music).

It's hard for me to get too excited about this album, I feel it's one of those albums I'll like a lot for about a week, then probably never listen to again. I'd say about 3 of the songs are gems that can stand on their own, and if you were into the oldskool scene, you'll like another 2 or 3 tracks. Considering the cost of the CD plus shipping it's hard to say if it's worth the buy. Casual listeners I would recommend you go elsewhere, but if you were into the scene 10+yrs ago, you might find this CD interesting." - Travis Owens, USA

"Purple Motion Has To Be One Of My favorite Trackers, And This CD Is Just A Wonderfull Surprise.
All The CD Has A Demoscene Flavor, Very vivid, Melodic And Intense. The Leads Are There In All Glory, And The Beats Are Just Mood Lifting. In Addition To the Classic Purple Motion Sound, You Have Now Lyrics On Some Songs, And some Really Polished Sounds. I Highly Recommend this Album. " - Ricardo de Luna, Mexico

"This is an excellent album and one of my favourites. It's one of those rare albums that you love right from the start. It is evident that a lot of experience and emotion has gone into the production. The tunes are very professional, yet at the same time retaining some of the playfulness originating in classical tracking music. The bold addition of 'Planet Fuzz' at the end may be controversal, but if you're a hardcore fan (like me), you'll certainly appreciate this wacky tune (especially because of the way it was made.:)). All in all a great album which will pop up in my stereo once in a while for many years to come." - Arne Heldal, Norway


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