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  Bob and Barn:
Primal - original game music soundtrack

Orchestral game soundtrack composed by Andrew Barnabas (known from the Amiga scene as Nightshade / Crusaders and composer for Amiga games such as SWIV and others) and his partner, Paul Arnold.

This soundtrack was recorded with a full orcestra and choir in Prague. Here are the composers' own words about this work:

"We wrote the bulk of the score's content over a 5 week period. It was a real production line as we were working 7 days a week, 3 sessions a day (morning, afternoon & evening) with everyone involved having to keep to schedule to avoid deadline slippage. The final cue was approved on Oct 19th - at which point we got Interflora in as a peace offering for our "other halves"!

In each realm we attempted to create a unique sonic environment to echo their visual contrast - primarily by using different themes and instrumentation. The score is somewhat cyclic in nature as it begins with a solo voice (Jen's theme) as the viewer is introduced to the world of Primal and comes full circle as you leave the world with that same theme.

"The score was recorded at the Barrandov Scoring stage between the 23rd and 26th October 2002. With over 100 minutes of music to record and almost 7,000 pages of score, we had to work quickly. All 109 musicians (including choir) were exceptionally flexible to our needs and produced a wonderful result. From the time we first put pen to paper (or fingertip to key more like) to the playing of the last note by the orchestra, only 6 weeks had poassed. This is the most prolific we've ever had to be in scoring for any media" - Paul Arnold and Andrew Barnabas (Bob & Barn, March 2003)



Track listing:

01. Opening credits
02. The Timekeeper
03. Arella's Theme
04. A Love Lost
05. Jen Meets Arella
06. Raum & Empusa
07. The Demon Awakes
08. Coliseum
09. A Prince in Chains
10. World of Water
11. The Turbulent Depths
12. A Kingdom Restored
13. The Mad King
14. Mountain of Suffering
15. Devil's Waltz
16. Dark Science
17. The Helot
18. Temple of Flame
19. Hall of Gods
20. Journey's End

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.