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  Reyn Ouwehand:
Nexus 6581

This CD was produced by the professional musician and producer Reyn Ouwehand, working in a top studio in Holland, and he has produced a stunning album!

On this CD you won't find the tracks just re-made with some synthesizers, but real full studio recordings with guitars, bass, saxophones etc., and a production that doesn't stand back from anything you find in the CD-stores.

Some notes about the track-listing below... Asian Legends is based on the groove of "International Karate +" from Rob Hubbard with exerpts from the following tunes: Yie Ar Kung Fu - Martin Galway > Yie Ar Kung Fu II - Martin Galway > Legend of Kage - Fred Gray > The Last Ninja 1 - Ben Dalglish > The Last Ninja 2 - Matt Gray > The Last Ninja 3 - Reyn Ouwehand > The Last Ninja Remix - Reyn Ouwehand > International Karate - Rob Hubbard > The Way of the Exploding Fist - Neil Brennan > Fist II: The Legend Continues - Neil Brennan



Track listing:

01 Last Ninja 3 Intro
02 Shape
03 DMC IV part 2
04 Enlightenment: Druid II
05 Flimbo's Quest
06 Dutch Breeze: Flip the Flop
07 Deflektor
08 Special Agent
09 Blue Meanies, part 1
10 Asian Legends
11 Aztec Challenge


Reviews of Reyn Ouwehand: "Nexus6581"

"Asian Legends" is the best song on the CD and is worth owning just for that track. I was amused with the heavy-metal version of "Aztec Challenge" and it was nice to just kick back and listen to the Druid II theme (also from the crack group Druid intros) that has a flavor of Iron Maiden to it. The happy shiney tunes have to go! - Mike Pawinski, USA

"Nexus 6581 really stands out from the plethora of C64 remix albums due to its funky, groovy atmosphere and the usage of real instruments (guitars and saxophones) instead of just synths. Production quality is also excellent, which is no surprise knowing Reyn is a professional music producer (he's produced albums for artists who are, I believe, very well-known and popular, in Holland at least). Nexus provides an alternative look at some of the classic C64 melodies and "how they would have sounded if..." that's refreshing and well worth a try for sid music fans and general fans of funky guitar music alike. " - Teemu I. Yliselä, Finland

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