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Bjørn Lynne:
New Tech Haven
Year: 2012
Style: Electro, Scifi, Fantasy, Chill, Ambient-Tech with Amiga scene influences...

An album of varied instrumental music by Norwegian composer / producer / performer, Bjørn Lynne. This album features 12 tracks drawing on influences from electronica, fantasy, scifi, chillout, and ambient. Bjørn Lynne combines lush audio textures with his unmistakeably Bjorn Lynne melodies and production.

Retro meets future -- the organic meets the mechanical -- and the earthy meets the interplanetary.

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Track listing:

01: Ice Planet
02: New Tech Haven
03: Elven Star
04: Digital Concepts
05: Tree of Life
06: Spectral Waves
07: Deus Ex Machina
08: Synchro Express
09: Nano Energy
10: In Digitas
11: White Fields
12: Still

(Note: The previews playing below are in lo-fi, 56 kbps)


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"This album is great. A real mix of styles but that doesn't detract from the quality of the album as a whole. With some tracks being beautiful to listen to and others having a catchy beat, it is just what I expected from Bjørn Lynne." - Ben, New Zealand.

"Three words sums up this absolutely amazing album: wow, wow and wow. Well, that's four, but you get the idea; you will NOT be disappointed! Each track is atmospheric, engrossing and a pleasure to listen to. Excellent album, Bjørn, and many thanks!" - Andy Green, UK

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