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Here is the debut CD from the famous scene musician Muffler - known for his work in demo-scene groups (both Amiga- and PC) Scoopex, CNCD, and Haujobb.

This album is released on TRSI Recordz and is the first TRSI Recordz release in a very long time. The music is extremely funky big beat and drum'n' bass - very well produced and with a mature, professional sound, and has a fantastic looking cover. Musically inspired by Fatboy Slim, I would say.

Listen to the sound clips below, and if you want to get your hands on this rare (and superb!), limited edition CD, click here for information about how to order it.

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Track listing:

1. Step to Dark (part 1)
2. Contrafunk
3. Twinkle
4. Found and Lost
5. Jolla
6. Step to Dark (part 2)
7. No Tank
8. One
9. Ignition
10. Float


Reviews of Muffler : "Muffler"

"This album is definitely NOT representative of Muffler's Amigan work. It's exclusively very dark, repetitive and haunting drum'n bass. I mainly recommend this album to people who are into D&B but Muffler's fan should give it a try. Personnally, I like it very much but not being a real D&B fan, I sometimes find some tracks too long, contrary to his former amiga modules.

Muffler, if you hear me, releasing some time in the future another audio CD closer to your demoscene related work would be a delight ! (in the style of the amiga demos extra life, haupex, tsanker, tama's kingdom, aphrodisia...)

Overall, very good Drum and Bass CD, with a unique oppressing (ive?) atmosphere. (especially 'one', 'step to dark 2')" - Mahendra Tallur, France

"This cd is really nice. Good energy, its time to dance now ;)" - Frederic Lambany, Canada

"Well it's kinda good d&b but I was more keen on those old amiga tunes wich he has made, but anywhay this album is worth buying." - Ilmari Kontulainen, Finland

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.