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  Bjørn Lynne:
Released January 1994 DENS Design
Catalogue no. DENS CD002

Montage was Bjorn Lynne’s second CD, self-financed and self-published in January 1994.

Stylewise, ”Montage” is a slightly more daring album than the previous ”Hobbits & Spaceships”. The 10 tracks contain a wide mixture of styles and sounds, and although the album was produced entirely on synthesizers and effects, it is easy to hear Bjorn Lynne’s love for symphonic rock starting to shine through, especially on songs like ”Montage” and "Communion”; both of which are long tracks moving through several stages of ever changing moods. There are also some more down-to-earth simply melodic pieces like ”Head Held High” and ”Fantastic Voyage ’94”. And, there are some slightly more experimental pieces like the futuristic and very cyber-oriented ”The Spirit of Mechanica” as well as the symphonically ambient ”Enlightenment Through Fear”.


  01. Entity (Montage Intro)
02. Communion
03. Creeping Sleep
04. Fantastic Voyage '94
05. Hyperride
06. The Spirit of Mechanica
07. Enlightenment Thru Fear
08. A Secret Place
09. Montage
10. Head Held High (Montage finale)

Reviews for "Montage":

"For me, one of the best Björn's releases... I like its style so much. Maybe not the best studio tracks but yes the deepest... The whole album has a very emotive ambiance..". - Urko Alberdi, Spain

"Great. I particularly cherish Bjorn's first releases, because they are closer to the Amiga demo scene. (this CD was tracked on the amiga with Music-X ;). It's also more experimental. It really has a unique sound.
Communion is an incredible piece of music, which evolves lot and that you can't get bored of... The Spirit of Mechanica makes me shiver (poetry sung by a robotic voice - the amiga paula -, just makes it even stronger !). There are also soothing melodies (a secret place), and more upbeat ones (hyperride).... GREAT. GET IT before it's sold out !!!" - Mahendra Tallur, France

" I think montage is a great cd when you listen to it you can forget all the things on your mind, I just can switch off and get lost in the music. I just simply love it." - Cher Plumbe, UK

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