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Jogeir Liljedahl :
The Wanderer
Year: 1999
Style: Melodic electronic, instrumental
Whole album: [mp3 preview]

Jogeir Liljedahl has for many, many years been one of the best known and most popular musicians in the instrumental underground scene of the Amiga and PC demo / music world. For years, he has been one of the ground-breakers in digital music and using computers as a compositional tool. But despite that, one of the best qualities of Jogeir's music is just how warm, personal, and human his music is, despite the high-tech digital equipment on which it was conceived and created.

Although his music has been heard by millions of people in digital downloadable format for many years, this is his first CD album release. Some of the songs on the CD are brand new studio-recordings of some of his biggest hits from the underground scene, including the super-massive (!) hit "Guitar Slinger", "Mystified" and others. These are new, re-arranged versions complete with session musicians playing live instruments, etc.

Jogeir's Liljedahl's music is very delicately produced melodic jewels, often mellow and nostalgic - but never boring. The moods and melodies seem to reach out and touch you, and this an album that you will want to play again and again. Listen to the sound clips from the album, and then support this great musician and his unique talent by buying his CD!


01: G-Comp [mp3 preview]
02: My Thing [mp3 preview]
03: Overture [mp3 preview]
04: Guitar Slinger [mp3 preview]
05: The Magic Spell [mp3 preview]
06: Too Far Away [mp3 preview]
07: Mystified 2000 [mp3 preview]
08: Stranded [mp3 preview]
09: Living in a Dream [mp3 preview]
10: Imaginative [mp3 preview]
11: Impulse [mp3 preview]
12: Beetlemix '99 [mp3 preview]
13: Piece of Luck [mp3 preview]
14: Bonus track: The Squirrel [mp3 preview]

Reviews for Jogeir Liljedahl "The Wanderer":

  • Jogeir "Noiseless" Liljedahl doesnt make "noise" like many PC musicians, he composes music, sublime, edifying music. His song "G-comp" is one the best melodic guitar pieces to date...This CD is a MUST buy for any person who uses music as food for the soul... - Joseph Salomonsen, Norway

  • Jogeir is simply amazing! I've been listening to his MODs for many years, and this CD is a fantastic realization of his musical talents. It has a very polished sound and the laid-back attitude that Jogeir is famous for. If you like demo-scene music you can't pass this up! This is an awesome CD, I hope Jogeir will make another one someday... - Fredric Echols, USA

  • Jogeir has been my favourite Amigascene-musician ever since I heard "Guitarslinger". It was released at the demoparty "Rendezvous '93" in Kristiansand, Norway, and I was head of the arrangement. Of course "Guitarslinger" won the musiccompetition, and Jogeir has since then been a favourite. This CD is really wonderful, with a lot of wonderful tunes. My personal favourite would have to be "Overture". Jogeir's ability to compose wonderful melodylines has really come to it's right on this CD. "The Wanderer" is recommended to everyone! - Kjell Løgith Pedersen, Norway

  • Jogeir is the one and only. Ilisten to him since he composed the music used for the amiga games such as Ghouls and ghosts. It' s fantastic!! - Ricki, Italy

  • Jogeir Liljedahl's "The Wanderer" has been amongst my favorite albums since I bought it over two years ago. Its a gem of an album throughout, so good in fact that I've been checking back ever since to see if "Jogeir" has released anymore of his works. The solid and perfectly executed melodies and lead guitar work are simply rich and uplifting, its original and very special,I have found the whole album a pleasure over an over, great for all moods...good driving album too!! A one off?...surely there is more, I for one can't wait! don't miss out...and "nice one"..thanks Jogeir, man! - Rick Martin, Portugal

  • To put it simply: this CD is amazing. The tracks aren't just rehashes of Jogeir's old mods with higher quality sound and a live part here. Rather, the whole album is a brilliant realization of everything that has always been good about his music: the technical skills, the emotional depth, and Jogeir's unmistakable musical personality. Forget about buying this just because you like scenemusic because it's far beyond that. No one who has heard this CD playing on my stereo has a clue what the demo-scene is and they have all been amazed anyway. It's just awesome music, man! (And I'd pay twice as much for a second CD like this... where's Oro Incenso? Not to mention the title track :)) - Chris, USA

  • Jogeir is one of the most talented composeres I've ever listened to. His very harmonic and sometimes romantic songs are really worth hearing. Most of my friends, who say they "don't like computer music" like it, too! I just can't await more CD releases! - Gunnar Schluster, Germany

  • I remember when I first was told; this guy is great. Guitar slinger was the name of the MOD. Damn! This guy is good... I wondered about the facts of modern music. This fellow was at least as good as the folks we heard on the radio on daily basis. After a while I heard that he was going to make an album, just like Lizardking (Gustaf Grefberg). I don´t know if Lizardking came around but Jogeir seems to have come throuhgt. Gonna listen to the tunes now... Yep. Not the complete tune, but I remember the rest. Mmmm. Rememberance... - Brunte Quintus, Sweden

  • I listened to Jogeir's music since I owned an AMIGA 2000. It was my favourite ever since, and as I heard about this CD, I run into every CD-shop in my hometown... No-one has even heard of Jogeir, nor could order (stupid guys...), so I applied for a Visa just to be able to order this CD in the net.
    Jogeir has his very own style of music, and this gets alive on this fabulous CD. - Faroul, Germany

  • "The Wanderer" must be one of the greatest CD's an old Amiga geek could ever have - and I was lucky enough to get one before it sold out, thanks to the Bjorn Lynne mailing list! This CD will be playing in my stereo system for a long, long time... it won't get the time to dust! Absolutely amazing music. I'll hope Jogeir will have the time and inspiration to make more good tunes! - Petteri Pyrrö, Finland

  • "This CD rocks. Somewhat optimistic, the tracks here are extremely pleasurable to listen to, with great guitar parts, occasional piano and much electronic fuss. Jogeir's been good on the Amiga, and he really is awesome on CD! Quality doesn't suffer either (Tested on Arcam Alpha 7SE/JMR Twin MK2/Akai AA-R30 with generic interconnects). Highly recommended." - Tomer Gabel, Israel

  • It's really something special. You can distinguish the oldschool sound of the amiga scene... At the same time it's very fresh, soothing... I can listen to it for hours non-stop ! - Mahendra Tallur, France

  • I recognise many of the tracks listed from the Amiga scene years ago and have just ordered my copy. After seeing this CD was back in stock I just had to get it and can't wait until it arrives. Jogeir was and always will be one of the best Amiga musicians around.. - Ivan Oliver, UK

  • I recieved this cd in the usual excellent quick delivery time yesterday, and was blown away and have not stopped playing it since. Ilove all the tracks on the cd and is some of the best music Ihave heard for years. I only hope that the follow up is available soon. To anyone who is not sure whether to buy this cd, do it NOW, a stunning piece of art. - Nigel Craft, UK

  • "Absolutely fantastic album... Can't get enought of this. I'm actually going to do a Audio CD of Ambrosia musicdisk (with Scorpik also).(It must be somewhere in we have alwais loved his work! Our friend Jogier must be really someone with a good heart Looking forward to his next album, wish him all the best." - Jorge Nunes, Portugal

  • Simply a "must have" for those who wants to listen to "modern" classical music ! Just listen and feel! No words can express the mood these melodies can give ! Thanks Jogeir...I am still waiting for the second one ;-) - Hiro/Liquid/Amiga 1986/1994, France

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