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Contributing musicians:

Bjørn Lynne - Guitars, bass, percussion, voice layers, keyboards, programming

Steinar Borvik - Various flutes and Pennywhistle

Nicolae Bogdan - Violin & Accordion

Jeremy Sherman - Dobro & Slide guitar

Andrew Barnabas - Piano on "In Dublin's Fair City"

Adam Skorupa - Spoons and bass programming on "Whiskey in the Jar"





Bjørn Lynne:
Irish & Celtic Instrumentals
Year: 2008
Style: Irish / Celtic instrumentals

This CD features 12 Irish & Celtic traditional favorites, in beautiful & tasteful instrumental arrangements.

Acoustic guitars, Irish flutes, Pennywhistle, violin, piano, accordion and various percussion make up a nicely balanced, rich but still understated, production.

Bjørn Lynne set to work producing this album after spending time in the Irish countryside (more precisely along the Southern coast of Ireland) in 2007. No detail was spared in the arrangements or production. Bjørn himself plays guitars, bass and keyboards, while Steinar Borvik plays various Irish flutes, Nicolae Bogdan on accordian and violin, and Jeremy Sherman on Dobro and Slide guitar.

If you would like a CD that sets an Irish, Celtic mood but is not overwhelming or shouting, this should be a perfect match.

Bjørn Lynne is a composer, performer, producer who has also previously produced music with an Irish and Celtic flavor. Check out his previous CD albums "Witchwood", "Wizard of the Winds", "Return to Witchwood" and others (all can be found at CDBaby).

Bonus content: Play-along versions:

As a bonus feature, this CD contains 12 additional CD-tracks after the main 12 tracks, and the additional tracks are all 12 tracks again, without the main lead/solo instruments. This makes the bonus tracks great for singing-along or playing-along with the tracks, great for learning to play, or simply to enjoy a subtle Irish / Celtic background mood, without outstanding lead instruments. When you remove the main lead instrument from a production, it sheds a whole new light on the composition and gives a unique and enjoyable insight into the "workings" of the music, behind the scenes so to speak. I hope you will find this bonus material enjoyable.

Including the bonus tracks, the CD contains 24 audio tracks and is filled to the very technical limit of how much music you can put on a CD - about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Track listing:

    1. Lovely Leitrim
    2. The Bonny Boy
    3. Scarborough Fair
    4. The Jolly Beggar
    5. Danny Boy
    6. The Rose of Tralee
    7. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
    8. Whiskey in the Jar
    9. In Dublin's Fair City (aka Cockles and Mussels)
    10. Amazing Grace
    11. The Riddle Song
    12. Greensleeves

Bonus: Play-along versions:

13-24. All tracks again, without lead/solo instruments


Below you can hear approximately the first 1 1/2 minutes from each track.


If you are interested in licensing any of the above tracks for use in your project, please see licensing.


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.