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  Revamped and resurrected full studio productions of timeless Amiga classics:
Amiga: Immortal 2

Eagerly awaited for several years, the "Immortal 2" album contains lovingly re-created classic Amiga game tracks. Here is what the project coordinator Jan Zottmann has to say about this CD:

"This is not your regular remix CD! I am aware of many nostalgia products out there that claim to be authentic in one way or another. However, what could be more authentic than a new arrangement made by the musician who created the track in the first place? And that's exactly what you will find on this album: brand-new studio versions of classic Amiga game soundtracks, achieved by the composers of the original pieces. It was really an honour for me to work with all those talented people - if you like what we've come up with, there's a good chance that a third volume will be made one day. I'd like to wish you a nice trip down memory lane. Hope you'll enjoy the music which is "Immortal"!"- Jan Zottmann, Producer


Track listing:

1. Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - Barry Leitch 4:26
2. Lionheart - Matthias Steinwachs 5:08
3. Final Countdown - Torsten Gellrich 3:06
4. SWIV "Decimation" - Andrew Barnabas 5:41
5. Body Blows - Allister Brimble 3:59
6. Carcharodon - Torsten Gellrich 3:27
7. Jim Power - Chris Hülsbeck 4:36
8. Z-Out "Level One" - Rudolf Stember 4:22
9. Shadow of the Beast 3 - Tim Wright 5:54
10. James Pond 2 - Richard Joseph 3:58
11. X-Out - Chris Hülsbeck 4:07
12. Battle Squardron - Ron Klaren 8:28
13. Lethal Xcess - Jochen Hippel 7:05
14. Hero Quest "Ingame" - Barry Leitch 3:04
15. Bonus Track: Rain - Jan Zottmann 4:31


Reviews for "Amiga Immortal II":

"Immortal 2 really bring out old memories. Its really Marvellous CD." - Juha Häkkinen, Finland

"This opus features music for many well known amiga games and is very nice :) However, the mixing on this CD is not very good and sometimes it's frustrating only hearing the title music from one's favorite
game. (suggestion for immortal 3: more medleys :) But it's yet another must have for any amiga fan :) I particularly like the faithful Jim Power track, the Battle Squadron medley and Jochen Hippel's new
"acoustic" Lethal XCess version... I'll try to gather suggestions for immortal 3". - Mahendra Tallur, France

"I prefer the first Immortal CD, mainly because of the powerful Shadow of the Beast tracks, and also because there are some other atmospheric tracks on that album. But there are some really nice highlights on this album as well. My favorite is the Battle Squadron track that has kept a lot of the original springy strangeness to it (as opposed to many other tracks that just translates the original samples to very typical synth instruments). That track also contains the game over music, which is a space lullaby. The overall sound quality and production on the CD is good. For Immortal 3 (if it comes to it) it would be great to hear remake of music from Bitmap Brother Games (Gods, Speedball 1&2, Chaos Engine), Heimdall, Beast 2, Hybris, Nitro... well, there are several games that have got unique music, so I look forward to see if there's a new Immortal project going on. " - Siggy Galaen, Norway

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.