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  Revamped and resurrected full studio productions of timeless Amiga classics:
Amiga: Immortal

Ruben Monteiro from Portugal, a totally devoted Amiga and Amiga-games fan, organized the "Amiga: Immortal" project, a CD with brand new studio-recorded versions of hits from Amiga game music - including "Shadow of the Beast", Dafel:Bloodline, Superfrog, The Final Odyssey, Blockhead 2, The Strangers, Alien Breed, Harlequin, Utopia, Alien Breed 3D, Space Station 3000, Gunbee F'99, Project-X and Turrican (new '99 version). There is also a bonus CDROM section.

All music tracks were taken to studio and new versions were made by the original composers. That's why it has taken Ruben about 3 years (!!!) to organize this rather complicated project. But it is now finally here.

The tracks on this CD are not just recorded straight from the Amiga - they are re-produced and recorded in studio with synths, effects, etc.


Track listing:

1. CDROM data (video and website)
2. Shadow of the Beast - Intro
3. Shadow of the Beast - Eerie Forests
4. Shadow of the Beast - The Cavern
5. Shadow of the Beast - Beast's Stronghold
6. Shadow of the Beast - Underwater
7. Shadow of the Beast - Game Over
8. Dafel: Bloodline
9. Project-X '99
10. Superfrog
11. The Final Odyssey
12. Blockhead II
13. The Strangers
14. Harlequin
15. Utopia
16. Space Station 3000
17. Gunbee F'99
18. Turrican
19. Alien Breed 3D


Reviews for Amiga Immortal:

"It's not good. It's GOOD! It's music originally released on Amiga!!! Amiga back PLEASE!!!!!!" - Luis Miguel, Spain

"2 words initially come to mind. Fantastic & Memories. As a teenager during the "Golden Era" of games music, the Amiga was THE computer to have and who can forget the classic music. Shadow of the Beast by David Whitakker and Other gems by Allister Brimble and Chris Hulsbeck. This CD represents the music perfectly yet with a 21st century feel. Track 7 (My favourite) is as haunting as ever, Turrican is mesmerising, Eerie forests is incredibly atmospheric (Visualise playing the game), and who can forget the sensational project-X, which still is way ahead of it's time. All other tracks are very well crafted. This CD has it all, from the Sublime shadow of the beast melodies to the comical superfrog to the cutting edge dance track project-x. Every system has memorable music during it's lifespan, but the Amiga will be Legendary and this compilation is testament to this fact." - Mo Mulla, England

"This CD is a masterpiece! As soon as you listen it,a magical huge feeling invade you!!!!The Amiga life comeback in your mind and a tear run down your face!!!It's simply Fantastic!!!!!!" - Richie, France

"I like this disc so much. It remembers my old times as an AMIGA freak. The studio versions of some very famous songs like Project X or Turrican are well arranged. A must have for any AMIGA player who wants great music even greater." - Urko Alberdi, Spain

"Immortal is certainly an impressive feat in itself, since it represents the first successful attempt at a compilation of Amiga game music remade with studio equipment, on CD (something the C64 folk had managed to accomplish a few years earlier). However, instead of simply selecting the best of the best classic anthems from the golden years of the Amiga, Ruben chose to contribute a large part of the disc to presenting the talent of modern day Amiga composers (some of the tracks were even written for games that never got released in the turbulence that is the post-Commodore Amiga games market). Whilst I don't want to underestimate the skills of the likes of Darryl Sloan and Jochen Heizmann, I just can't help thinking that they can't really compete with names like Jochen Hippel, Jonathan Dunn, the Follin brothers, Jason Page or the Maniacs of Noise. And that's just some of the artists that weren't present on this disc at all. Also, was the remake of the ENTIRE Shadow of the Beast soundtrack absolutely necessary? Sure that's a classic score, but to be frank not all of the tunes work that well on their own, without the game "on the background".

Now, I don't want to sound like I didn't like Immortal, because I really do. There are some great tracks on the CD. Particularly the ones by Baz Leitch (Harlequin and Utopia) really stood out for me. There was just so much brilliant music written for Amiga games in the machine's heyday, only a fraction of which made it onto this disc. I can only hope that the Immortal 2 project bears fruit, and more of those unforgettable Amiga anthems get "immortalized" (pun intended) for future generations." - Teemu I. Yliselä, Finland

There is only one thing I can say: Please, more of this fantastic kind of Amiga Games music!!! To enjoy the old tunes is a feeling which never comes back in this style. If you lived in these days you know what I mean. ;-) - Oliver Coordes, Germany

What can I say! This kind of music is absolutely special, and what is even more amazing about it, is that this music is world wide know from all kinds of people. I believes that the Amiga era that once was, showed us the great and wonderful thing about being able to use your fantasy and put it to reality by the assistance of Amiga and at the same time having fun doing it! - Immortal reminds you how it once was, and probably how it should be! - André Rasmusson, Sweden

A must have for Amiga fans of course. The tracks from Barry Leitch are definitely the best :) Some are not so well known but it makes a varied compilation. Could have been better maybe but essential anyway. - Mahendra Tallur, France

While not the most widely known machine Stateside, those who knew the Amiga loved it with a passion. Having grown up with fond memories of such a machine(I recieved my first Amiga 500 on my 7th birthday!), this disc provides for me the tools with which I might return to the time when "Beast"s roamed the plains, and "Hero's Quest"ed. - Killian Goetowski, USA

The Shadow of the Beast tracks are excellent and are probably the ones that Amiga fans can relate most to from this CD. The CD is worth buying just because of these, believe me. I'm glad the production has kept original feel and power to these songs. The "Dafel: Bloodline" track is exceptionally nice. There are a couple of other highlights on the album as well. The other tracks are alright, but I'm not sure to which extend people can relate to them, and some of them have got a quite "typical" synthesizer feel and sound. However, the overall sound quality and production is good, and the music brings back a lot of nice memories... (Not that it matters a lot, but of nostalgic reasons I want to point out that the Beast screenshots provided on the CD are taken from an emulator/converted version of the game, and not the original that had much nicer graphics and resolution.) - Siggy Galaen, Norway


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.