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Jesper Kyd :
Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin - Soundtrack
Year: 2002
Style: Orchestral / Soundtrack

I think this is probably the most majestic project ever carried out by a musician from the demo-scene!

Jesper Kyd (Silents, Kyd/Balle Productions, etc.) composed this music which was then performed in Budapest by 110 musicians from the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Choir - and mixed & edited in Denmark at major Copenhagen studio "RadioHusets Concert Hall".

The music is dark, ominous and epic. After a few listens the music really starts to reveal it's true qualities as the themes and melodies really just keep growing on you, the more you hear them!

The CD also contains 3 bonus tracks; two of the best tracks of music from the original "Hitman - Codename 47" game (which are otherwise not available outside the game), and one brand new unreleased music track from Jesper Kyd, produced in his studio in New York.

Some of the tracks on this CD also use electronic instruments together with the orchestral, to mix up the sound and keep it fresh. This gives a more varied and pleasurable listening experience; as the whole album plays for about 1 hour and 5 minutes.

News update January 2003: The Hitman2: Silent Assassin soundtrack was nominated by in the category of best soundtrack of the year. It was nominated in 3 categories, best music on Xbox, PS2 and PC, out of 2500 games released in 2002.

01: Hitman 2 Main Title
02: Waiting For Action
03: Action Begins
04: 47 Makes A Decision
05: The Penthouse
06: Japanese Mansion
07: Japanese Snow Castle
08: Streets of India
09: Mission in India
10: 47 in St. Petersburg
11: Trouble in Russia
12: Desert Sun
13: Arabian Dance
14: The Setup
15: End Boss
16: Slow Ambience
17: Fast Ambience
18: H2 Exploration
19: H2 Action
20: Dreams of Istanbul (unreleased)
21: Hong Kong Themes (Hitman: Codename 47)
22: 47 Main Title (Hitman: Codename 47)

Water sounds
Ocean sounds

Reviews for Jesper Kyd "Hitman 2 Silent Assassin":

"It is obvious that a lot of thought went into the scoring of this game. The music for Hitman 2 is as cinematic as the game itself. It sets the mood and builds the tension. It is very nicely done and a must have for gaming fans, especially fans of our hero, 47." - Chris Peters, USA

"I'm impressed. There are many games on the market that have fairly standard soundtracks. This is not one of those soundtracks. As has been stated, the music has a tremendous depth of mood and tension that really contributes to the immersive feel of the game. The first time you hear that choral opening of the main theme you'll get shivers down your spine and an itch in your trigger finger - guaranteed. The sheer cinematic feel of the music is excellent." - P. Mah, Canada

"The tendency of moving to a quality game-making is well seen today. This including perfect programming, quality design and of course sound production. The Hitman 2:SA soundtrack stands among the best game soundtracks we, gamers, ever heard.It is really of great influence, bringing the lovely, deep sense of game atmosphere. The most inspiring, maybe, is a Japan Mansion theme and a Main Title, of course. The most sincere thanks from us, the fans, to Jesper Kyd, Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Choir and the sound producing team of Hitman 2 for the perfect work!" - Michael Vassin, Russia

"This is one beautiful textured majestic work by a great (And fotmer Amiga legend!) artist, i must say this cd is a movie soundtrack in the making well crafted creative yet organized given the scope so to speak of the material it blends well having bought the game and now a cd." - Eric Gieseke, USA

"In general, soundtracks from games were never popular because they are not suitable for occasions other than when you are actually playing the game. However, in the case of this soundtrack, when you are listening it on the road, you would be imagining yourself being 47 himself. The dark atmospheric effects created by Jasper Kyd is indeed very professional. It's well worth your money! even though i haven't purchased it yet." - David, Canada

"This is true *music* which breathes a life of its own, not just notes being played in a conventionally comprehensible sequence. When experienced during a game, I am sure its impact is magnified that much more. (These comments from a non-gamer tantalized enough to pick up a copy after just one listen.)" - Vipin Samtani, USA

"The score for Hitman 2 is about as impressive a body of work as ever I have heard. That it's for a game is yet more impressive although it stands on it's own two feet as an amazing collection of themes and music not just in the gaming world but in the whole world. As a longstanding lover of score music I can honestly say that the Main Title for Hitman 2 is among my favourite pieces, against some fairly stiff competition. That music of this quality is being composed for games is a boon to gamers everywhere." - Caine Stewart, Australia

"The songs are simple great. But the main title for hitman 2 is just one of the best songs I'v ever heard. I'd just turn on the computer, start hitman...and then sit around hearing that music!! It´s grand!
Mozart - Requiem and Jerper Kyd- Hitman... A must hear!" - João Peça, Portugal

" One of the best soundtracks to hit video games today. The sound surrounds you, and puts you into the game...and into the state of mind needed for the game. Music you can sleep to, work to, and of course kill to (in the game). The best part is i can pop the cd in my car and just cruise non-stop playin the cd over and over and over. Great Score." - Terrence A., USA

"The pieces are simply beautiful. I relive the action and suspense of the game every time I put the CD in. What can I say, the music says it all..." - Kris Meñez, USA

"This soundtrack RULES!!! I bought the "HITMAN 2: SILENT ASSASSIN" game a few weeks ago, and have been playing it regularly ever since. One day I thought, "Wouldn't a soundtrack of this wonderful music be great!" To my delight, I bumped into this soundtrack on the internet, and ordered it! I listen to it all the time in my car, on my stereo at home, even on my DiscMan when jogging! The music is so full of energy, yet it has this entriguing subtlety that never fails to amaze me. I LOVE IT!!!" - Steve, USA

"Yes, I must admit: it's great... Moreover, it makes me feel "closer" to the game that Hungarian Orcheastra is playing that. Playing it at night on professional level with an earphone.. scary and provides great experience." - Vandorsolyom, Hungary

"Absolutely Stunning,thats all i have got to say." - Bruno D.C., Belgium

"i am 15 and tend to listen to a lot of new style hip-hop however this cd changed my outlook on classical music drstically i never listen to this kind of music. i found my musicmatch playlist turning into a classical theatre. mostly music from jesper kyd. this music is stunningly beautiful if you take the time to sit down and really close your eyes, relax and imagine. its totally cinematic as is the game. the soundtrack is a+. there is just so much feeling in it. buy the cd it is amazing." - Nathan, Australia

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