Get a Free, Autographed Bjorn Lynne CD

Simply by writing about, blogging about, and linking to one of my sound and music websites!

I'm offering a completely free, hand autographed Bjorn Lynne or Divinorum CD to anyone who writes an article about one of my online sound- and music websites, on a blog or website.

As many of you know, I own and manage two online sound & music services, and I'm now trying to promote these sites online. The best way to do that is to get people to write about them! So if you can write me a good article online, on any permanent website or blog, then I will give you a CD with my music!

The first of my two online services is This is a website that sells Royalty-Free music. What is Royalty-Free music? It's music that you can buy online, and then after you've bought it, you actually get the legal right to use the music in commercial and online projects. Notice how this is a totally different type of purchase from, for example, buying a music track at iTunes. If you buy a music track at iTunes or other online music stores, you may be paying only about $1 per track, but you are only buying the right to listen to the music personally. That purchase does not include the right to use the music in your media projects, such as video, DVD, theater, film, websites, YouTube videos, in-public play, telephone on-hold use, and so on. That's where Royalty-Free Music, also called Stock Music, comes in. At my site you have to pay about $15-30 per music track (depending on length). For that price, you get to download the music in MP3 or WAV format, and you also get an official License Document that proves your right to use this music in your media projects.

My other site that I want to promote is That's basically a quite similar type of service, but it's for Sound Effects, rather than music. At I have an absolutely huge collection of sound effects well over 100,000 sound recordings available. Again, you can browse and listen to sound effects online, and if you find sounds that you would like to use within your media project - be it a home video, computer game, telephone ringtone, film production, theater/stage production, Flash game, website or any other type of production, then you can buy that sound effect online, and then immediately download it to your computer as a WAV file.

What to do, and how to do it:

  • Write a short article or story (300-1000 words approx) about anything that's somehow relevant to the subjects of sound or music. You can write about your favourite sounds, your favourite music, your favourite video game and how music & sound is used within that game. You can write about creating home videos, home movies, about different types of sounds and why you like those sounds so much. You can write about any kind of music, sound, film or media production, about your own music compositions or your favourite musical instruments. Use your imagination. Just write about anything that comes to mind, that's vaguely relevant for music, sound, or media production of any kind. Or, simply, a recommendation of my sites and why you like these sites.

  • Within your article your must write about, or mention, either or - or both. And you must include an actual, live, working link to one, or both, of these sites.

  • If you write two different articles / blog posts on two different blogs / sites, you can have two CD's!

  • Do not copy any existing text or existing articles from anywhere else on the internet. Your article / blog post must be 100% your own words.

When you're done, email me at:

and tell me about your article or blog post, and remember to tell me which CD you would like! You can choose any CD from my CD-shop page. I will look at your article, read it, and evaluate it. If I like it, I will send you your chosen CD!

Please note that I'm not able to autograph all CD's! The reason being that some of the CD's aren't actually in stock here at my personal home. I only have some of my CD titles in stock here. Some titles are only in stock at the CD manufacturing company who are based in England. If you choose one of those CD's, the CD will be shipped to you directly from that company in England, and for that reason I won't be able to autograph it before it's sent out to you.

CD titles that I have in stock here at my home - these can be autographed. Please note that I will send these without the jewel case to save on postage cost.

CD titles that I do not have in stock here at my house. These CD's can be sent to you, but they will be sent directly from a manufacturing company in England, so they cannot be autographed:

If you have any questions etc. just email me:

Or contact me through Facebook.

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.