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  Dr. Awesome:
Early Game Soundtracks
Year: 1988-1995
Style: Chip-tunes and old-school video game music

This album is a 3-CD collection featuring 81 tracks which I composed in the period 1988-1995 approximately, for various video games, mostly on/for the Commodore Amiga computer.

Some of the music was composed using "tracker" format and 4 channels of 8-bit audio with stringent memory limitations (say, max 100 kb for the entire music track, including the samples).

Some of the music was composed with MIDI and synthesizers or outboard samplers; or even with a combination of tracker- and external MIDI synths (Remember OctaMED - a "tracker" with MIDI output) :-)

This album is a bit of a "mixed bag" and came about mostly because some people were writing to me and asking if I could send them the music to Spinjam, Cubulus, Fantastic Voyage, Siege of Avalon or some of the other old video games that I composed for. I thought it would be a good idea to collate the material into this collection and make it available.

"Ports of Call 2", "Fireteam", "Little Rubber Ninjas" and a few other games mentioned in the track listings were never actually completed and released. The games were in development and I composed some music for them, but for various reasons some of the games were canned and never made it to the shops.

Also included is the music track which I composed for Tobias Richter's entire Amiga-made video "Space Wars", which was popular in the Amiga freeware / shareware scene back in the day.

The "Qwak" music tracks were made using only 3 audio channels. The game needed the 4th channel for sound effects. :)

This album is a digital only release. No actual physical discs exist. It's available to buy as a whole album or individual tracks via services like CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, 7Digital and others, and also available to Stream via services like Spotify, Wimp, XBox Live Music, Google Play Music, and others.


Track listing:

CD 1:

Cubulus Title Track (Moongazer)
Cubulus In Game 1 (Laidback 1)
Cubulus In Game 2 (Laidback 2)
Cubulus In Game 3 (Laidback 3)
Cubulus In Game 4 (Laidback 4)
Cubulus In Game 5 (Laidback 5)
Airline Title Track
Airline In Game 1
Airline In Game 2
Airline In Game 3
Brat Title (original tracker version)
Brat In Game (original tracker version)
Brat Title (Remix)
Fantastic Voyage - Original tracker version
Fantastic Voyage - Molecular Level
Fantastic Voyage - Blood Level
Fantastic Voyage - Brain Level
Fantastic Voyage - Hi Score
Fantastic Voyage - Game Over
Fantastic Voyage - Remix
Final Over Track 1
Final Over Track 2
Space Wars Video Soundtrack
Open Pod
Gone Fishing (Eagle Angling Society)

CD 2:

Siege of Avalon Track 1 (The Alchemist)
Siege of Avalon Track 2
Siege of Avalon Track 3 (A Lifetime of Moments)
Siege of Avalon Track 4
Siege of Avalon Track 5
Siege of Avalon Track 6
Qwak Track 1
Qwak Track 2
Qwak Track 3
Qwak Track 4
Qwak Track 5
Qwak Track 6
Qwak Track 7
Qwak Track 8
Qwak Track 9
Qwak Track 10
Little Rubber Ninjas
Ports of Call 2
Fireteam Track 1
Fireteam Track 2
Fireteam Track 3
Alpine Aero Title
Blotto Lotto
Blotto Lotto Edit
Spin Jam Title Track
Spin Jam In Game 1
Spin Jam In Game 2
Spin Jam In Game 3
Spin Jam Intro
Spin Jam Outro

CD 3:

Bomberman Title Track
Bomberman In Game 1
Bomberman In Game 2
Rasdan Front End
Rasdan In Game
Shanghai Title Track
Shanghai In Game 1
Shanghai In Game 2
Shanghai Hi Score
Shanghai Title Track (OctaMED version)
Zong 2 Ominous (aka Spookhouse)
Zong 2 Upbeat
Terminus 1
X2 Anomaly
X2 Bogey At Midnight
X2 Effected
X2 Modulated
X2 Strict Formation
Dominion Track 1 (A Medieval Banquet)
Dominion Track 2 (Methydias Cloudship)
Dominion Track 3 (The Heroes Return)
Dominion Track 4 (The Long Journey Home)
Dominion Track 5 (Valley of the Clouds)
Dominion Track 6 (No Survivors)
Dominion Track 7 (Proud Warriors)
Dominion Track 8 (Victorious Days)



All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.