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"Tomas Danko - more often just known as DANKO, is a legend in the C64- and Amiga music scene. His melodies and fresh sound was an inspiration to a generation of new scene musicians coming up in the late 80's and early 90's.

Here's DANKO's first CD, titled "6581" like the C64 sound chip, this is a wonderful compilation for all Danko fans. The music is produced in a pro studio with real synths etc., but Danko has also used a few C64 type sounds here and there, just to give it that slight taste of the original Danko sound.

This is not a factory produced CD. It is a home made CD-Recordable. But the cover and CD are both made with high gloss colour printing etc. It has been lovingly created and it looks good.

Danko gets royalties for each copy sold from this site. He is now working in his own professional/commercial recording studio in Sweden. He says that he might do a new EP with brand new dance music, some time later this year. I hope he does! Meanwhile, he had these words to say about his "6581" CD:

"6581 is a compilation with bits and pieces of the odd track achieved at various levels over a period of time after I had ceased to compose using the Commodore C64 home computer. This is the second edition and I have remastered the tracks completely as well as including additional material, some of which are previously unreleased. They are related to the 6581 MOS SID chip in different degrees, but they do all represent such a feel or ambience to form a link back to the past when all we had consisted of three tiny voices and a muddy filter to match."

Tomas Danko, April 2002.


Track listing:

01. The Return (08:43)
02. Bigger Than Life (05:06)
03. Sidstation (02:20)
04. Deep Core (04:07)
05. Hypnotizing (04:20)
06. Complications '97 (03:32)

Bonus tracks:
07. New Times (04:45)
08. Tårarna (04:03)
09. Sliptrip Mammooth (04:19)
10. Oxygenerique (05:51)

Total running time approx. 44 mins


Reviews for "6581":

"The first track starts the CD in a typical C64 Sid Chip style but the album moves on through dance to sounding like Jean Michel Jarre. If you like the various genres featured on this CD then you will most certainly enjoy it." - Ian Learmonth, England

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