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Bjørn Lynne:
Crystal Horizon
Year: 2009
Style: Electronica, Progressive, Sci-fi

This album took me quite a long time to compose and produce. A couple of the tracks date back a couple of years, to shortly after the release of "Beneath Another Sky". On "Crystal Horizon" I have tried to combine and vary my different favourite styles whilst still trying to keep it nicely flowing as an album, a whole, rather than just individual tracks. I hope I've managed it, to some degree.

The title track, "Crystal Horizon", was born out of a burst of inspiration I got from obtaining a software plugin that precisely emulates the old Korg Wavestation synthesizer. "Voyager" was meant as a sort of follow-up to my track "Into the Void" from back in 1997. I wanted to revisit the theme of the person drifting into unknown space.

There are also some more upbeat tracks, touching on progressive electronica with melodic elements. All in all, I hope you'll enjoy this album as a whole.

Thanks to Leif Liljeqvist and Alex Storer for help with the cover artwork.

(Note: The previews playing below are in lo-fi, 56 kbps)


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Customer reviews:

"Solar Winds" - reminds me a lot of 'Beneah Another Sky', which has become my all-time favorite Lynne album. "Information Rush" - Nice speedy rhythm; 'Accelerator' goodness, paired with some Turbo Lotus memories. "Neutron Groove" - The first thing that came to mind for the beginning was "Budbrain Megademo loader tune". :-) Yeah, I love reminiscences of the good old Amiga times! "Ghost Machine" - Nice and dark and scary. Good for Halloween, and a remini- scence of your great album 'Undercover'. Could be right out of the 'Far Cry' soundtrack; the repeating note sequence reminds me of a specificially scary level of that game. "Stellar Welcome" - Another Lynne demotune at its best. One can clearly see where your roots were. ;) "China Temple Morning" - You prove once more that you master different styles of music. After the exotic 'Beneath Another Sky' and the mysterious 'Undercover', a song that could have come right of a far-east movie soundtrack. Naturally a reminder of 'Sun Temple', and a slight reminder of the wonderful exotic music in the 'Time Machine' soundtrack by Klaus Badelt. "Communicator" - If I had to place it, it'd go inbetween 'Beneath Another Sky' and 'Colony'. Has elements from both, also a bit from the great German version of the Captain Future soundtrack. Great Lynne-esque tune and chords, good guitar parts. "Koloss" - Nice and quiet. The title kinda gave me the association of an Unreal Tournament 2k4 map and I was expecting a hard rock style track. ;) Instead I was nicely reminded of the quiet passages of the "Longest Journey 2 - Dreamfall" soundtrack. "Crystal Horizon" - A great reminiscence of the Safar Timura trilogy. Copied some chords from there? ;) Some "Colony" is also there. "Voyager" - Talk about coincidences. :) I'm at the moment writing a little fanfiction story that involves an alien entity being hurled off into space by a supernova explosion and the various astronomical phenomena it meets during its travel. The track "Voyager" is a huge inspiration for that and goes along perfectly with the theme! Summary: anybody who's a Lynne fan and likes a mix of various styles and a multitude of reminiscences, of previous Lynne albums, of game and movie soundtracks and of demoscene music both from the Good Old Days and the present time: get this album!" - Frank Zavelberg

"Crystal Horizon" is just fantastic. I can't get the riffs of Communicator out of my head, and nor do I want to. I'm in danger of starting to overuse words like corruscating and scintillating and cosmic (man). And of playing air-synth on my packed commuter train and being stared at... - Nick Green, UK

"The two new albums ("Crystal Horizon" and "Nanoteknika") are both unbelievably good. Stellar. Good as in "if my house was on fire and I could only grab a handful of albums I'd grab these" sort of good. These are easily some of the finest works I have (and I have over 8,000 tracks of music to choose from). Anyway...

The day I got Crystal Horizon I probably looped the full album about 9 times in a row (and many times more over the next 3 days). I listen to music for various reasons (from just to have something on when I'm working to trying to relax and listening more attentively). This album has so many layers to it its character changes depending on how much attention you give it. I've enjoyed it with headphones and speakers, both during work and relaxation, and continue to find new aspects to appreciate each time I play it.

Nanoteknika has many similar qualities, for the same reasons. What I find impressive is that absolutely nothing on either album could be called filler. Certainly some tracks are absolutely outstanding (Quantum Paradise is one I'll loop individually 5-10x in a row sometimes) but every track has something to offer and stands on its own." - Dan Chisarick, USA

"It's a magnificent album. I heard the tracks and I love it. My favourite song is Koloss." - Juan Alberto, Spain

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