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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Work in Progress" -- first signs of life for new album

Over the past few weeks, I have started to build up some inspiration and ideas for what will eventually be my next solo album!

I'm really quite excited about it. For a long time now, I have been working with other people, working on my music licensing business, working on various side projects and actually, well, watching TV!

But now something in me has begun to stir up some new music. I decided to just let things start to take shape naturally, and it seems to me that the album is going in the general direction of my other melodic sci-fi synth rock albums, i.e. like "The Void", "Dreamstate", "Colony" and "Beneath Another Sky".

So far I have composed the framework for two different tracks. They are not finished yet, but below are a couple of sneak preview tasters! Yesterday I was in a pro recording studio with a drummer and we recorded live acoustic drums for one of the tracks; tentatively titled "Temp-6"

Both tracks written so far tick in at about 6 minutes. Below are about a minute-and-a-half clips from the beginning of each track. The one called "Temp 6" has acoustic drums; the one called "Arpeg 2" has programmed drums for now.

I really need great sounding Song Titles for these two tracks, so if you have any suggestions for track names, please use the "Comment" function on this blog to make your suggestions!

MP3 preview: Temp 6
MP3 preview: Arpeg 2

I might put up one of these tracks in full-length version a little later on, when one of them is actually finished. :)

- Bjorn

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