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Monday, June 04, 2007

"Undercover" now available as a CD

“Undercover” now available on CD

I’m happy to announce that Undercover is now available as a CD!

“Undercover” is a 14-track album that I have made together with my friend from the Amiga/PC demo-scene, Adam Skorupa, aka Skorpic. The music is in “Spy/Thriller/Crime soundtrack” style.

The CD was “pre-released” in my download-shop about 2 weeks ago. As of today, it is also available as a physical CD, from two different places:

From myself, in Norway:
and from CDBaby in USA:

World wide shipping available both places.

I have to mention that this CD was not glass-mastered and duplicated in an industrial CD pressing plant. It was made in 300 copies at a “short-run” CD duplication company where they use big CD-copier machines to copy from the original master CD-R. So it’s neither a fully industrial CD, nor a home-made CD... but something in between, I suppose.

The album will arrive in a few weeks at iTunes and other downloadable services – but if you wish to buy it as a downloadable album already now, you can of course do so from right now.

To listen to the whole album online, just go to and click on the “Undercover” album cover.

Update on other musical things....

I’m working on a long(ish) track for my next forthcoming solo album. I think I’m going to call the track “Voyager”, because it appears to me that every electronic music composer or band has to make a track called “Voyager” at some point in their career ... and I have yet to do so! :-) I’m trying out different ideas and throwing away quite a lot of stuff that isn’t working the way I’d like it to. :-) I’ll try to keep you updated.

As usual, I’m also working on my royalty-free music licensing site,, which is how I make most of my income now. My music gets licensed from that page an average of 25 times every single day, and after years of this, it makes thousands of productions that use my music. Most of these productions I have never seen or heard. When somebody buys a license from, I don’t actually ask the customer exactly what he’s going to use the music for. I just tell the customer what he/she can and can’t use the music for. So it’s kind of weird to think that my music is being used in thousands of different productions all over the world, and 99.5% of them I never get to see or hear about. A couple of times I have “stumbled across” my music while switching channels on the TV. :-)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Undercover - the CD by Bjorn Lynne & Adam Skorupa

Undercover is a 14-track CD composed and produced by Bjorn Lynne together with his good friend and musical collaborator, Adam Skorupa (also known to some as "Skorpic" from the Amiga / PC demo scene, or from his electronica band Aural Planet).

Undercover is released today as a download purchase from the Bjorn Lynne download shop! Here you can buy the album as an instant download, in true CD-quality, 256-kbps unprotected MP3-files. Also included with the purchase are High Res cover artwork images, so you can print the cover yourself and make yourself a real CD to put in your CD collection.

The album will be released as a physical CD in about 2 weeks from now, and then released on iTunes and many other music download sites, about 2-4 weeks after that. At the time of writing this (May 15, 2007), it is only available through the Bjorn Lynne download shop.

The music is inspired by Spy movies, Crime thrillers and international crime/spy action flicks. To hear the entire album through a neat Flash music player, visit the web page for the Undercover CD.

Should you be interested in licensing music from Undercover to use in your project, you can buy a royalty-free license from Shockwave-Sound.Com

Comments about the CD or the download-shop welcome any time! :-) Thanks for listening.

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