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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Three new music tracks

Dear friends,

I have composed and produced three new music tracks since the last time I posted something here. You can hear the tracks below. They are all in totally different styles, so I hope you'll enjoy at least one of them. :-)

I like to work with different styles of music, this way and that -- I always have.

The first track listed below is China Temple Morning which started as a simple arpeggiated bell pattern which just sort of "happened" on my keyboard the other day. I've purchased a new software synth called Omnisphere from Spectraconics and I'm using it for several of the sounds in this track. This track was finished very quickly; I did it all in one day from 08:30 until about 23:00. :-)

The next one is Blue Sky which is just a "nice and easy" sort of instrumental soft-pop track, or pop/ambient crossover. I wanted to make something that would be good as background use for media, video, film, presentations, etc. mostly with the idea of licensing it through my stock music library. I try to combine synthesized sounds with acoustic guitar for a softer feel. In the last part, a subtle electric guitar also comes in. I never use "plug-ins" for these kinds of guitar parts, because I find it takes me a lot longer to fiddle with the settings to get it to sound close to a guitar sound, than it takes me to simply pick up the guitar and play it into a microphone. Much quicker. :-)

The third track Tempest Drive is quite similar in style to some other "upbeat electronica" tracks that I've been making over the past few months. It's not exactly techno, not exactly trance, but something like energetic electronica, I guess. In this track I'm using some sounds from the Top Production Samples CDROM that I made and published myself, a few years ago. I still find myself using sounds from that CDROM from time to time. I know the sounds well and keep coming back to them. Also present here are some other synth sample loops and three instances of the software synth plug in z3ta+.

Anyway, the tracks can be heard in the player below. I hope you'll enjoy them, and like all my other tracks, they can be licensed for Royalty-free use in media production through my music library website,

All the best,
- Bjorn

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Two new Electronica tracks from Bjorn Lynne

Hi friends and web visitors...

I just wanted to post a little update with some new music from the Stavern seaside studio... Over the past 3-4 weeks I have created these two Electronica tracks. I guess they fit mostly under my "Divinorum" pseudonym, or perhaps somewhere inbetween my Divinorum name and my Bjorn Lynne name.

The two tracks were created mostly for inclusion into my royalty-free music library, and can be licensed for use in media projects, from

You can hear the tracks (two "mixes" of each) by clicking Play in the Flash player below. I hope you'll enjoy these two tracks Comments welcome!

- Bjorn Lynne, June 2008

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Monday, March 31, 2008

New Bjorn Lynne CD: "Irish & Celtic Instrumentals"

Dear friends,

I'm very happy and excited to announce the release of my new CD, "Irish & Celtic Instrumentals", today. The CD features 12 tracks of Irish & Celtic tracks that I have arranged, produced and recorded with a little help from some musician friends.

The origins of this CD goes back to the late summer of 2007 when I was lucky enough to spend some quality time along the southern shores of Ireland, a truly beautiful and inspiring place. I came back to my home in Norway full of ideas and inspiration, and I set to work on producing this collection of traditional Irish/Celtic music, arranged produced in the way that I would want these tracks to sound like. :-)

It's not the first time I've used Irish & Celtic influences in my music of course. Many of my previous albums, such as "Witchwood", "Return to Witchwood", "Wolves of the Gods", and others all feature more or less obvious Celtic influences here and there. So for me it felt right to do a sort of "homeage" to some traditional Celtic / Irish music, recorded and produced with "The Bjørn Lynne sound".

When I started working on this project, I decided early on that there would be no shortcuts, no easy outs. No "half-arsed" solutions using a computer plug-in when I could be using the real live instrument etc. So as it ended up, this album is actually my most "acoustic" album ever. There isn't a single "electronic" sound on the entire CD which, I guess, is pretty weird since I started my carreer very much as what I would call an "electronic music composer".

I still very much love electronic music and I will definitely return once more to my electronic music heartland for my next album release. But I have to say, for this album, that it really did pay off to use all live instruments and leave all electronics out of this project. When the temptation was to just use a plug-in and get it done quickly and cheaply, I thought, no, not this time. No shortcuts! The real thing, or nothing. :-)

I don't mean to suggest that no computer was used for producing this album because, as always, I used Cakewalk SONAR Studio Edition v6 to produce this music and everything was recorded directly to hard disk in 24-bit 48-khz. I also used some samples, including "spoons", some drums, Irish Bodhran and electric piano. What I meant to say is that there are no real electronic sounds (synth sounds) used on this album.

Besides various acoustic type samples, I myself played guitars (acoustic & electric), piano (acoustic & electric), tambourine, shakers, djembe drums, and sang live various "vocal pads" (not sung words or lyrics, only "ahh" style vocal instrumentation). My friend Steinar Borvik played various flutes (Irish flute, penny whistle, tin whistle, orchestral flute, recorder), Nicolae Bogdan played live accordion and violin and Jeremy Sherman played dobro and slide guitar.

When it was time to put together the final CD master of this album, I got the idea to include -- as a bonus -- an "underscore version" of each track. An "underscore version" is simply a version where the main/lead instruments are removed, leaving only the background music. This can be an interesting thing to listen to in it's own right. Once you remove the main/lead instruments from a piece of music, you're left with a whole new perspective on the music -- in fact, a whole new "insight" into how it was all put together. So these bonus tracks were included especially for those of you who would like to hear these tracks "from another angle", and get a little glimpse of what goes on "under the lid" of each track. So, tracks 1-12 are the actual main tracks on the CD; whereas tracks 13-24 are all the same tracks again, without the lead instruments. This pressed the CD right up to the very technical limit of how much music you can put on a CD -- about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

CD track listing:
    1. Lovely Leitrim
    2. The Bonny Boy
    3. Scarborough Fair
    4. The Jolly Beggar
    5. Danny Boy
    6. The Rose of Tralee
    7. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
    8. Whiskey in the Jar
    9. In Dublin's Fair City (aka Cockles and Mussels)
    10. Amazing Grace
    11. The Riddle Song
    12. Greensleeves
13-24: All tracks again, underscore versions.

You can hear about the first 1 1/2 minutes of each track, on the official page for this CD: Irish & Celtic Instrumentals.

I truly hope many of you will enjoy this CD. You can buy the album now either as a physical CD from my own personal CD shop , or from CDBaby, or you can buy it as a download (320-kbps MP3 files, with high-res cover artwork files included for printing your own cover), from my own personal download-shop.

To encourage you to order this CD early, I will personally autograph - in Gold ink - all copies of this CD ordered from my own personal CD-shop, in the first two weeks of release (that means, within April 15, 2007).

The album will also soon be avaiable from iTunes, and many other music download shops. (Takes a few weeks to make it up on those sites).

One last note... the photos in the CD-cover are from my own trip to Ireland; although the actual photos were taken by my friend Kent Fonager -- he had a better camera than me. Kent is one of the guys whom I visited these places with.

Thanks for reading!

- Bjørn Lynne, March 31, 2008

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bjorn Lynne music for Flintstones & Home Alone

Just a quick note, people, to say that you can now hear my music in the two new PlayStation 2 games, "The Flintstones: Bedrock Racing" and "Home Alone".

So if you get a chance to play one of these, crank up the volume. ;-)

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Voyager: New Surround Music track for free download

Dear friends,

Today I have uploaded a new free surround music track to my web site, which can be downloaded in WMA (Windows Media Audio v10) and in AC3 (Dolby Digital) 5.1 surround format. The track is a 14-minute "typical Bjorn Lynne style" :-) spacey synth-rock thing with added guitars. I hope you'll enjoy it.

The track also features a guest guitar solo towards the end, by my friend Marc Pattison . Everything else was played by me.

You need a 5.1 surround setup to play the WMA or AC3 versions. You'll get the best listening experience by downloading the WMA file (it sounds better than the AC3), downloading Windows Media Player v10 or higher, and sitting in the center of the surround speaker setup while listening.

The AC3 file can be downloaded and burned to DVD for use in regular home DVD-players, using a DVD authoring program such as Sony Media DVD Architect or another similar program. That way, you can listen from your DVD-player.

To download the Surround Music version of Voyager, go to my free surround music page.

I also created a 5.1 surround setup test file, because I have a feeling that a lot of people have 5.1 surround speaker setups, but haven't connected it correctly or set up the software correctly to play it. So you can download the test file which will play a voice in each speaker, saying "front left", "front right" and so on -- so you can check that you have your speakers connected and setup correctly. This is also available in WMA and AC3 format from my free surround music page.

I already know that I'll probably get some complaints from those of you who don't have a surround speaker setup :-), so I've also created a normal stereo version and made it playable from the below Flash player. No surround setup needed for that.

I hope you'll enjoy this track! It will be featured on my next Bjorn Lynne synth-rock style CD release, hopefully sometime this year or early next year.

If you have comments etc., please use the "comment" feature in this blog. Thank you!

- Bjorn Lynne

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Sunday, June 24, 2007 - a good place to buy my music - for US customers

(Update January 2008: In the text below it says that PayPlay is only available to people in the USA, but I've been told that Payplay has since also set up so that Non-US customers can use them too).

All of my CD's are now available for U.S. customers to buy through a new digital music shop called

At U.S. customers can choose to buy the music as unsecured, regular MP3 files for $.088 per track or $8.88 per whole CD, or a little bit cheaper ($0.77 / $7.77) for secured WMA (Windows Media Audio) files. Either way, I get about $0.58 per track sold, or $5.80 per whole CD. This is actually a very good artist payment. (For example, it's a lot - LOT more than I got when my CD's were released by a real record company and sold in the shops). is a no-nonsense place, with no software to install, and they have a very attractive web site, with extra options such as cover printing and more. In short, I feel it's exactly what a music download shop should be. No nonsense, great for the customer, and very fair payments to the musicians. Well done,! The only drawback is that they only sell to customers in the U.S. (for now, anyway), which is a pity. [Thanks to Björn in Sweden who informed me that only U.S. customers can use].

Here are links to each of my CD's at

Bjorn Lynne CD's:
Divinorum CD's:
(Divinorum is my pseudonym when working with trance/electronica/techno music)
My Nature Sound Series (One-hour nature sound recordings, available either with or without Ambient Music composed by me):

CD's by my friends:

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two new Ambient music tracks - your feedback welcome

Hello friends,

Over the past week or so, I have composed two new Ambient music pieces. I plan to release an Ambient CD some time before the end of this year. So far I have about 8 tracks completed, I'm going to make maybe 5-6 more of them. (EDIT: I wanted to add here, that I haven't actually made 8 tracks in the past week or so.. I've only made two new ones in the last week. The other 5 or 6 have been composed over a period of more than 2 years, one here and one there). :-)

Anyway, here are the two most recent Ambient works. I could use some input/comments/feedback from all of you, because for one of the tracks, "Ambient 2", I can't think of a good title, and for the other one, "Kaleidoscope", the title is perfect but I have two different versions and I can't decide which one to use!

Let's start with "Ambient 2". I know exactly what I'm trying to "visualize" with this track, but I just can't find the word(s) for it. Something slightly odd, maybe creepy, slow flowing mud, a feeling of experiencing time in a slowed-down state. If any of you have good titles that come to you while listening to this track, please use the "Comment" feature below to let me know! You can hear the track by clicking on it in the Flash player below.

Next up is the track "Kaleidoscope". A Kaleidoscope is one of those toys we had as children, it looks like a little telescope. You look into it and twist the end of it, and different beautiful patterns, colors and shapes appear inside (See pic on the left). :-)

For this track I decided to use NO quantization, but to record everything straight in and leave it exactly as recorded, with no tweaking. I made one version without any drums, and another version with an extremely simple drum track. Even the drums were "recorded" by actually playing the drum notes on my keyboard, and then left untouched, unquantized. I wanted it to be imperfect and "feel live".

I can't decide whether I like the version without drums, or the version with the simple drum track. Again, any feedback, comments, votes would be very welcome. Use the "comment" field below to have your say. All input is appreciated. Thank you!

Here is the Flash Player where you can hear the tracks:

BTW, I am now working on two new albums. One with Ambient music in this style, and another album with more synth/space-rock type music like some of my previous albums. I hope to have at least this ambient album released before the end of this year. Maybe the other one, too, if I can get enough time to work on the music.

Thanks for reading!

- Bjorn Lynne

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Monday, June 04, 2007

"Undercover" now available as a CD

“Undercover” now available on CD

I’m happy to announce that Undercover is now available as a CD!

“Undercover” is a 14-track album that I have made together with my friend from the Amiga/PC demo-scene, Adam Skorupa, aka Skorpic. The music is in “Spy/Thriller/Crime soundtrack” style.

The CD was “pre-released” in my download-shop about 2 weeks ago. As of today, it is also available as a physical CD, from two different places:

From myself, in Norway:
and from CDBaby in USA:

World wide shipping available both places.

I have to mention that this CD was not glass-mastered and duplicated in an industrial CD pressing plant. It was made in 300 copies at a “short-run” CD duplication company where they use big CD-copier machines to copy from the original master CD-R. So it’s neither a fully industrial CD, nor a home-made CD... but something in between, I suppose.

The album will arrive in a few weeks at iTunes and other downloadable services – but if you wish to buy it as a downloadable album already now, you can of course do so from right now.

To listen to the whole album online, just go to and click on the “Undercover” album cover.

Update on other musical things....

I’m working on a long(ish) track for my next forthcoming solo album. I think I’m going to call the track “Voyager”, because it appears to me that every electronic music composer or band has to make a track called “Voyager” at some point in their career ... and I have yet to do so! :-) I’m trying out different ideas and throwing away quite a lot of stuff that isn’t working the way I’d like it to. :-) I’ll try to keep you updated.

As usual, I’m also working on my royalty-free music licensing site,, which is how I make most of my income now. My music gets licensed from that page an average of 25 times every single day, and after years of this, it makes thousands of productions that use my music. Most of these productions I have never seen or heard. When somebody buys a license from, I don’t actually ask the customer exactly what he’s going to use the music for. I just tell the customer what he/she can and can’t use the music for. So it’s kind of weird to think that my music is being used in thousands of different productions all over the world, and 99.5% of them I never get to see or hear about. A couple of times I have “stumbled across” my music while switching channels on the TV. :-)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Work in Progress" -- first signs of life for new album

Over the past few weeks, I have started to build up some inspiration and ideas for what will eventually be my next solo album!

I'm really quite excited about it. For a long time now, I have been working with other people, working on my music licensing business, working on various side projects and actually, well, watching TV!

But now something in me has begun to stir up some new music. I decided to just let things start to take shape naturally, and it seems to me that the album is going in the general direction of my other melodic sci-fi synth rock albums, i.e. like "The Void", "Dreamstate", "Colony" and "Beneath Another Sky".

So far I have composed the framework for two different tracks. They are not finished yet, but below are a couple of sneak preview tasters! Yesterday I was in a pro recording studio with a drummer and we recorded live acoustic drums for one of the tracks; tentatively titled "Temp-6"

Both tracks written so far tick in at about 6 minutes. Below are about a minute-and-a-half clips from the beginning of each track. The one called "Temp 6" has acoustic drums; the one called "Arpeg 2" has programmed drums for now.

I really need great sounding Song Titles for these two tracks, so if you have any suggestions for track names, please use the "Comment" function on this blog to make your suggestions!

MP3 preview: Temp 6
MP3 preview: Arpeg 2

I might put up one of these tracks in full-length version a little later on, when one of them is actually finished. :)

- Bjorn

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Undercover - the CD by Bjorn Lynne & Adam Skorupa

Undercover is a 14-track CD composed and produced by Bjorn Lynne together with his good friend and musical collaborator, Adam Skorupa (also known to some as "Skorpic" from the Amiga / PC demo scene, or from his electronica band Aural Planet).

Undercover is released today as a download purchase from the Bjorn Lynne download shop! Here you can buy the album as an instant download, in true CD-quality, 256-kbps unprotected MP3-files. Also included with the purchase are High Res cover artwork images, so you can print the cover yourself and make yourself a real CD to put in your CD collection.

The album will be released as a physical CD in about 2 weeks from now, and then released on iTunes and many other music download sites, about 2-4 weeks after that. At the time of writing this (May 15, 2007), it is only available through the Bjorn Lynne download shop.

The music is inspired by Spy movies, Crime thrillers and international crime/spy action flicks. To hear the entire album through a neat Flash music player, visit the web page for the Undercover CD.

Should you be interested in licensing music from Undercover to use in your project, you can buy a royalty-free license from Shockwave-Sound.Com

Comments about the CD or the download-shop welcome any time! :-) Thanks for listening.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Selling stolen music

Today while more or less randomly browing the web, I came across another musician's web site. I started listening to the music tracks that he offers on his web site, and was completely gobsmacked to find MY track "The Next Step" posted on his web site under the name "Highlander".

As many of you will know, I composed the track "The Next Step" in 2002 and released it on CD in 2003 on my album "Power Liquids". This guy had simply taken the track straight from the CD, changed it's name, and posted it on his web site as his own music.

I can only assume that all the other music on his web site has also been stolen from other musicians.

What's wrong with some people? Have they NO shame? Has the internet become so big and so complex now, that people like this think that they can just steal what they want and SELL it -- because the chance of being found out amongs millions of other musicians, is so low?

It has to be said that when I confronted this guy about it, he removed the track from his web site, so in this particular case, the problem has been solved. But it's got to make me wonder; how many other "musicians" out there are selling my music as their own?

I mean, there's stealing and there's stealing. There's the guy who downloads my music album from some pirate or peer-to-peer network, to listen to it himself. I don't like it obviously, because afterall I'm trying to make a living on my music. But I'm willing to forgive this to some degree.

But when somebody starts SELLING my music, credited to themselves, that's when things get serious and it's time to involve lawyers.

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