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Friday, January 25, 2008

New Bjorn Lynne album, "Quiet Places"

Dear friends,

I hope you are all well and ready for some new music from this northern corner of the world.

I mentioned a while ago that I would probably be releasing two new albums this year; one with quiet, reflective, ambient music -- and another one with more upbeat, melodic electronica.

My ambient CD, "Quiet Places" is now available to purchase as a downloadable album from my own download shop and will soon also be available to buy as a physical CD, through my own personal CD-shop as well as through CDBaby. (The CD's are being produced at the time of writing this).

This album, Quiet Places, has been composed and produced over a period of more than 2 years. I didn't want to hurry it or push it. I worked on it only when the feeling came over me and I really felt like I wanted to work on it. The music on this CD is made for quiet reflection, maybe for some personal time. The inspiration for the music has come from taking some quiet walks in the beautiful and rather desolate nature which is available to me, here in my home in Norway. Far from being "all pretty", the album also has it's odd, bittersweet, and introspective moments.

The CD contains a number of photos, all taken from the area around where I live (max. 1 km from my house), in Stavern, Norway, where all of this music was "born". I wanted to include the photos because I felt that they somehow represent the source of the music. I also took all the photos myself.

I have made low-fi previews of the entire album, start to finish, available to listen online on my site. Just go to the dedicated page for this CD: and you can listen as much as you want (low sound quality, though).

I will write again when the actual physical CD is available to purchase. For now, it's only available as a purchased download in 320-kbps MP3-files (no protection/DRM) from my own download shop, and this purchase also includes high-res image files of all the cover artwork, so that you can print the cover yourself and burn a CD.

The actual physical CD will be available to purchase from my shop within a week or so. This time I have ordered only 150 physical CD's to be stocked here at my home in Norway, and all the rest to be stocked at CDBaby in USA. The reason is that the physical CD's cost SO much to ship. It's almost pointless to sell my physical CD's from here, due to the shipping cost. I pay about $2 per CD to have them shipped from the factory to my home in Norway, and then it costs me about $12 in stamps to send a single CD to USA. Plus about $1 for a padded envelope. So for each physical CD sold from my personal CD-shop here in Norway, I have shipping costs of about $15. I charge $7.90 in shipping when someody orders a CD on my web site -- which means I take a loss of about $7 in shipping when I sell a CD from here.

This is why, this time I will have only 150 copies here at my own personal shop, and all of these will be autographed. After these 150 are sold out, the physical CD will be available from CDBaby in USA, and from many different music download services such as iTunes, PayPlay and many more.

But at the time of writing this, "Quiet Places" is only available from my download shop:

I hope that (some of you at least) will enjoy this little outing into "quiet music for reflection and personal time" which I have made for you all. Some of you may have heard some of the tracks before, as I've had them posted on my web site -- such as Kaleidoscope, Solnatt, and Waiting.

If you buy the album, whether it be as a download or as a CD, I would very much appreciate it if you could go to the dedicated page for "Quiet Places" and write your own review of it. The review doesn't have to be so artistic, long, or well written. Just a few words about whether you enjoyed it or not, and why. This helps other people to make up their minds on whether to buy the album.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Voyager: New Surround Music track for free download

Dear friends,

Today I have uploaded a new free surround music track to my web site, which can be downloaded in WMA (Windows Media Audio v10) and in AC3 (Dolby Digital) 5.1 surround format. The track is a 14-minute "typical Bjorn Lynne style" :-) spacey synth-rock thing with added guitars. I hope you'll enjoy it.

The track also features a guest guitar solo towards the end, by my friend Marc Pattison . Everything else was played by me.

You need a 5.1 surround setup to play the WMA or AC3 versions. You'll get the best listening experience by downloading the WMA file (it sounds better than the AC3), downloading Windows Media Player v10 or higher, and sitting in the center of the surround speaker setup while listening.

The AC3 file can be downloaded and burned to DVD for use in regular home DVD-players, using a DVD authoring program such as Sony Media DVD Architect or another similar program. That way, you can listen from your DVD-player.

To download the Surround Music version of Voyager, go to my free surround music page.

I also created a 5.1 surround setup test file, because I have a feeling that a lot of people have 5.1 surround speaker setups, but haven't connected it correctly or set up the software correctly to play it. So you can download the test file which will play a voice in each speaker, saying "front left", "front right" and so on -- so you can check that you have your speakers connected and setup correctly. This is also available in WMA and AC3 format from my free surround music page.

I already know that I'll probably get some complaints from those of you who don't have a surround speaker setup :-), so I've also created a normal stereo version and made it playable from the below Flash player. No surround setup needed for that.

I hope you'll enjoy this track! It will be featured on my next Bjorn Lynne synth-rock style CD release, hopefully sometime this year or early next year.

If you have comments etc., please use the "comment" feature in this blog. Thank you!

- Bjorn Lynne

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two new Ambient music tracks - your feedback welcome

Hello friends,

Over the past week or so, I have composed two new Ambient music pieces. I plan to release an Ambient CD some time before the end of this year. So far I have about 8 tracks completed, I'm going to make maybe 5-6 more of them. (EDIT: I wanted to add here, that I haven't actually made 8 tracks in the past week or so.. I've only made two new ones in the last week. The other 5 or 6 have been composed over a period of more than 2 years, one here and one there). :-)

Anyway, here are the two most recent Ambient works. I could use some input/comments/feedback from all of you, because for one of the tracks, "Ambient 2", I can't think of a good title, and for the other one, "Kaleidoscope", the title is perfect but I have two different versions and I can't decide which one to use!

Let's start with "Ambient 2". I know exactly what I'm trying to "visualize" with this track, but I just can't find the word(s) for it. Something slightly odd, maybe creepy, slow flowing mud, a feeling of experiencing time in a slowed-down state. If any of you have good titles that come to you while listening to this track, please use the "Comment" feature below to let me know! You can hear the track by clicking on it in the Flash player below.

Next up is the track "Kaleidoscope". A Kaleidoscope is one of those toys we had as children, it looks like a little telescope. You look into it and twist the end of it, and different beautiful patterns, colors and shapes appear inside (See pic on the left). :-)

For this track I decided to use NO quantization, but to record everything straight in and leave it exactly as recorded, with no tweaking. I made one version without any drums, and another version with an extremely simple drum track. Even the drums were "recorded" by actually playing the drum notes on my keyboard, and then left untouched, unquantized. I wanted it to be imperfect and "feel live".

I can't decide whether I like the version without drums, or the version with the simple drum track. Again, any feedback, comments, votes would be very welcome. Use the "comment" field below to have your say. All input is appreciated. Thank you!

Here is the Flash Player where you can hear the tracks:

BTW, I am now working on two new albums. One with Ambient music in this style, and another album with more synth/space-rock type music like some of my previous albums. I hope to have at least this ambient album released before the end of this year. Maybe the other one, too, if I can get enough time to work on the music.

Thanks for reading!

- Bjorn Lynne

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