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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Various news and new music from Bjorn Lynne

Dear friends around the world,

It's been a long time since I posted any real news about my music and upcoming releases, and I'm sorry about that. Trust me, I haven't been lazying around. :-) I have been very busy with various music licensing deals, my music publishing company Lynne Publishing and, of course, I've been producing some new music.

Although I have no specific plans for a new album release just yet, I'm starting to build up a good number of tracks in at least two different genres: (1) Progressive electronica, like Colony, The Void, Beneath Another Sky, and (2) Upbeat, melodic, techno-trance, more like the Amiga-scene music with a lot of patterns, sequences, synth lines and arpeggios.

Below you can hear my latest creations. I used a long time on "Solar Winds" and this is the style of music that will be on my next "progressive electronic" album. "Koloss" will probably also be on that album. If anybody has any suggestions for album title, or suggestions for album cover artwork, please send them to me. I'd love to see/hear your suggestions.

"Perpetual Flux" is an example of my more demo-scene like music of which I also hope to release an album this year. I've already posted a few other tracks in this style earlier, including "Supersymmetry" and "Tempest Drive". I have about 7 or 8 tracks in this style that I'm satisfied with... and one or two that I'm not really that satisfied with and will probably be "shelved".

"Funkwah" is something I started and finished in a single day. It was meant as a light hearted escape from my larger musical projects. It's just a little tune, made for licensing through my stock music library. It won't be on any album.

Either way, I hope you'll enjoy my latest creations. I spend a lot of time with "admin" these days but I do still enjoy composing and producing music. I'm now almost entirely software-based, having got rid of a lot of my outboard music studio equipment. I'm now working almost exclusively with my RME Fireface 400 Firewire sound card, SONAR v7, three guitars and bass guitar, a bunch of software plug-ins and, of course, my trusty old Kurzweil K2500 keyboard which I'll never get rid of. They'll have to pry it from my cold, stiff hands... :-)

I have a couple of holidays coming up. Next weekend I'll be in Manchester UK with a couple of mates to visit pubs, a football game and a stand-up comedy show. A real boys weekend. :-) Then a couple of weeks after that I'm off to the Canary Islands (off the coast of Africa) for two weeks with my wife and daughter. It's good to get a break from the long, dark Norwegian winter.

As ever, thanks for taking the time to read this and to listen to my creations. I hope you're enjoying them. I'm very much looking forward to being able to announce a new CD (or even two!) some time in 2009.

All the best,
- Bjorn

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Blogger Amr Bekhit said...

Nice tracks - especially liked Koloss, love that style. Quite liked Solar Winds too - reminds me of Colony.

Hope you have a good holiday and I look forward to a new CD this year!

January 31, 2009  
Anonymous HamSoles said...

Nice to hear some new prog music from you. I always like your prog electronic stuff best :-)

Other stuff is great too. Funkwah is cool but too short!

Actually I fibbed at the start - I like it all!!!

One small comment though, hope you don't mind me saying so, the snare on Koloss sounds very repetitive - as though it is the same sample at the same velocity all the time.

Best regards

February 01, 2009  
Anonymous Pete said...

Good to hear new stuff from you - Hard to believe how much time has passed since the likes of Void and Colony. Feels like only yesturday when I was anticipating their release.


February 04, 2009  
Anonymous Per P said...

When I looked at the news page, my browser started playing two songs at the same time, Solar Winds and China Temple Morning. One would expect this to sound disjointed and confusing, but the first 30 seconds actually sounded really cool!

Playing the two intros simultaneously creates a really interesting polyrhythm, and the mix between the China-influenced soundscape and the retro Jarre/Vangelis-ish fading arpeggio makes for a unconventional and fun blend of sound styles. At first I thought this was intentional (and not two songs playing over eachother), and I was pleasantly surprised because I thought Bjorn had reinvented himself. Alas, this was not the case - but this accidental arrangement is perhaps something to be inspired by? :-)

March 24, 2009  
Blogger Treewyrm said...

Excellent stuff. Solar Winds and Perpetual Flux - exactly the kind of music I'm looking forward to hear more of. Just bought Colony, can't wait for more (in FLAC of course, thanks for putting up music in it)! Keep it coming!

August 12, 2009  

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