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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bjorn Lynne launches series of one-hour Ambient music albums

Dear friends,

From time to time over the past few years, I have been composing and producing a long, continuous album of ambient/relaxation music. This has been done partly to provide a music track for my "Nature Sound Series", which is a series of hour-long nature sound recordings (slow waves, rainfall, forest ambience, etc).

For the first time, this music is now available without the nature sounds -- as pure ambient music albums.

There are 6 albums available, and each one plays just over 60 minutes continuously. Each album is made as a single, long track. However, each long track is not simply a bunch of repeated notes and lines over and over again. Each one contains a fair bit of variation and exploration of various ambient moods.

The titles are as follows -- follow the links to hear a 10-minutes sample of each album.
Should you be interested in these albums, they are available to download in MP3 ($8 each) or in lossless FLAC format ($10 each) from the Bjorn Lynne download-shop.

Nature Sound Series:

As I mentioned, these same musical recordings are also available mixed with sounds of nature. They go under the artist name Nature Sound Series (which is another of my pseudonyms). The Nature Sound Series CD's are not available to buy through my personal website, but they can be bought through, both as physical CD's or as MP3 downloads. Specifically, you'll find the Nature Sound Series CD's here:

All the best,
- Bjorn


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