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Monday, October 06, 2008

Letter from Era Scarecrow regarding "Dissolve" and "d" tracks on the Divinorum: Talisman CD

Talisman Track 11 - 'd'. Is that only suppose to have about 1 minute (out of 3+) of music and the remainder sounds rather blank... i noticed when i ripped it, that it's a 3 minute song but only took up a tiny amount of space, and i can't hear anything on it. hmm...

- Ryan, aka Era Scarecrow

Hi Ryan,

It's done like that on purpose. I wanted to give the album a long, fluttering, gradually dissolving end, as if dissolving into fragments floating off into space. Really, those two tracks were first done as a single one track called "Dissolved". I then decided to put a track marker about 2/3rds into the track, just where the track started to get really "dissolved" or "disappearing" if you will. So I divided "Dissolved" into two tracks: "Dissolve" and "d" in an attempt to be a little bit clever. :-)

- Bjorn


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