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Monday, October 20, 2008

Help me sell my music and make a few bucks doing it

As many of you will know, my music work in the last few years have been more and more aimed towards selling music tracks for commercial use, not so much for personal-listening use. Like most other musicians, I started noticing around the year 2000 that it was getting more and more difficult to sell CDs to “consumers” (i.e. to individual people who buy the music just to listen to it), so I started to venture into the world of “music for professional use” (i.e. selling it to people and companies who want to use the music in a media project).

I’ve had some success with this over the years and I now have a music catalogue consisting of about 3,000 music tracks – that includes my own compositions as well as tracks by other musicians that I work with. These are sold through my site and for the 8 ½ years that this site has been online now, it has enjoyed a steady increase in traffic and sales.

Anyway, to my point. I would like to invite you to help me to promote this web site, and in the process, make a 10% commission on any sales that you generate. The system is simple, like other Affiliate programs. You make a link from your website (or from your Blog or even from your Facebook page etc.) using a unique link code that I give you. If somebody clicks on that link, my site knows that the user came from your link. If this person ends up making a purchase, you will be paid 10% of the purchase sum. Even if the user doesn’t place an order right away, but comes back to my site any time within 7 days, you will make the 10%.

So…. If you are interested in helping me to sell my music to commercial users more often, and make a 10% earning while doing it, then please respond to this email and let me know. I will make a unique link for you to put on your web site.

Please email me at the following address for your unique web link. (I'm sorry I have to hide the address in a graphic like this, but it's necessary, to thwart the spammers' web bots)...:


Blogger Freddy Charles said...

I think this is a great idea.

December 16, 2008  

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