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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Jogeir Liljedahl album released today

Hello folks,

I'm writing to let you know that my good friend and long-time fellow Amiga-scene musician Jogeir Liljedahl has released his second album, Out of Silence, today. As with his previous album The Wanderer, I was privileged to be trusted with the publishing/release, so the album is now for sale, exclusively, from the LynneMusic Download Shop.

The album features 11 new tracks from Jogeir, with a total playing time of 1 hour 3 minutes and with guest contributions from Chris Hülsbeck and Fabian Del Priore.

This is a download only release. The album can be purchased as MP3 files (256-kbps) for $10 or as Lossless FLAC files for $12. Both packages include high-resolution cover artwork with full 4-page booklet and inlay tray. The artwork comes as printable PDF files, so if you would like to make your own CD for your collection, you can print the artwork, burn the music to CD, and you have a fully official, legal, original CD.

The album will be made available on iTunes, and other such download shops, but it takes several weeks to get an album made public in those places, so for now it is only available in the LynneMusic Download Shop.

The album has an official page from which you can listen to the first 1 1/2 minutes from each track.

Jogeir and myself both very much hope that you will enjoy his new album. He worked on it, on and off, for an incredible period of 9 years. :-).

His previous album "The Wanderer" from 1999 is still available both as a physical CD and as an MP3 or FLAC download.


Blogger goooooood girl said...

Well well well......

August 27, 2008  
Anonymous Björn said...

Great, didn't know Jogeir was the one making Guitar Slinger. I was missing it so much since I heard it on a demo on my Atari Falcon ages ago. Bought both CD's :-)

August 27, 2008  
Anonymous Counterpoint said...

Congrats on the CD release Jogeir! Previews sound really nice, I can't wait to hear the whole thing. :)

August 28, 2008  
Blogger tarasis said...

Excellent thanks for releasing this for him Bjorn. Its true lovely music and quite engrossing.

I bought the FLAC version and currently in the process of ripping it into AAC on the Mac.

I was surprised to see that the Flac files didn't included any prefilled tags. Would have saved some time not having to tag each file :)

Also it would be worth including for future downloads artwork that can be associated with the converted files (or embedded).

Admittedly through only having the PDF's I discovered that with OSX Preview I can extract a HQ image to use as artwork.

For others if you need to do it & have a Mac

1) Open LYNCD020 Booklet (outside and inside).pdf
2) Click on the Select Tool
3) Drag a box around the image you wish to use
4) Select Edit -> Copy
5) Select File -> New from Clipboard
6) Select -> File-> Save As
7) Change the filename & location to what you want
8) Select Format and choose an image format (PNG or JPG)
9) Click Save

Assuming you have converted the Flac to WAV and imported them into iTunes in whatever format you want

10) Select all the required music tracks
11) Select File -> Get Info (or Right Click -> Get Info)
12) If you get it, Select Okay to dialog warning about editing multiple files
13) Drag artwork image from where ever you saved it (for instance desktop) into the Artwork box.
14) After a short bit of processing the Artwork will be embedded into the music files.

Feel free to delete the image from where ever you saved it.

select an image in a PDF, copy it and paste it as an image file which can be dragged into iTunes.

August 31, 2008  

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