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Monday, August 25, 2008

General update from Bjorn Lynne

Hey everybody,

I'm sorry about the long time of silence from me. It's been a long and nice summer here in Norway. I spent quite a bit of time outside with my daughter, who is now almost 8. Some of you will remember me posting about it on my newsletter mailing list when she was born. :-)

I have been working quite hard with my music publishing company, Lynne Publishing, which is now a publisher not only for my own Bjorn Lynne music, but also for a few other artists; Dan Gautreau, Dan Phillipson, Jeremy Sherman, Arjun Sen and Adolfo Marques (although only one track so far by the latter). This music isn't being published for personal use or for sale on CD's. Instead, we publish the music only for use in films, games and other commercial and non-commercial media. Our main website for this is, but we also make the music available through some other sites.

I've also been working on my ever growing library of high definition sound effects. Again, this is for use by media developers, film makers and game creators, for use in their project. The library now sports some 3,000 sound effects, and all the new stuff we've added is available in High Definition audio, 24bit 48khz.

New Jogeir Liljedahl album coming

Many of you will be happy to hear that my good friend and long-time fellow Amiga scene musician, Jogeir Liljedahl (aka Noiseless, aka JL), is ready to release a new music album. His previous album "The Wanderer" was released back in 1999 and has sold well. His new album, to be titled Out of Silence comes a full 9 years after his previous effort, and this album will be released, right here at, as a download-only album. It will be available to buy both in lossless FLAC format and in MP3 format. The download will include the full album cover in high-resolution PDF files, so those who want to make themselves a real CD with cover and everything can burn a CD and print a cover from the supplied artwork files.

We hope to release the album in the next couple of weeks. Jogeir is just laying the finishing touches on a couple of the tracks, and writing some liner notes for the inside of the cover artwork. Keep your eyes on this site for updates.



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