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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Soundtrack for film "Ingebjørg Olavsdatter"

Hey good people,

I have completed the soundtrack for the Norwegian drama-documentary film, "Ingebjørg Olavsdatter". In the end, the music score contained 25 music cues, all of which I composed and produced during a period of about 6 weeks.

Due to limitations in time and budget, the music was produced primarily with electronics and guitar, but I tried to create a soundtrack that fits this type of working environments. I hope I managed to achieve a reasonable result. Towards the end of the project, all electronic flute was then replaced with live flute, played by a local professional studio musician called Steinar Borvik.

The film is published by DAMM publishing and will be available from November 20, 2006.

Besides the music cue numbers that the pieces used in the film, I have also given the different music pieces "names" that are more or less relevant to the scene in the film for which they were created. Here you can download almost all of the music from the film in preview quality mp3 files. I hope you'll enjoy them.

(Please keep in mind that this music is under copyright and may not be used for any project, commercial or non-commmercial, without a valid Music License issued by Bjorn Lynne / Lynne Publishing. Downloading here is for personal listening only. Thank you.)

Ingebjørg Olavsdatter: Main Theme
Ingebjørg Olavsdatter: Pergament
Ingebjørg Olavsdatter: Fairywind
Ingebjørg Olavsdatter: Love Promise
Dark Ages: Battle Echoes
Dark Ages: Death Moon
Dark Ages: Hall of the King
Dark Ages: Meeting
Dark Ages: Place of Tragedy
Dark Ages: Prayer Hour
Dark Ages: Premonition
Dark Ages: Shadows in Time
Dark Ages: The Forest
Dark Ages: The Plague
Dark Ages: The Shadow
Dark Ages: The Threat
Dark Ages: Undertow

I hope you enjoy listening to these tracks, although I have to admit most of them are pretty dark.


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