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  Bjørn Lynne:
Year: 2001
Style: Upbeat, positive, driving, rock, techno & electronica
Whole album: [mp3 preview]

12 tracks in the borderland between melodic rock, funk and dance. "Palm Freak" and "The Hustler" send a nod to the classic "Outrun" music, "Trippin' High" stays firmly in Drum'n Bass land and tracks like "Turbo Grid" is just all-out rock with no stops pulled and features the awesome Marc Pattison on guest guitar. Then there is "Play Dirty" which is a butt twisting 70's style funk rock track. NO slow tracks. :-)

01: Turbo Grid [mp3 preview]
02: Play Dirty [mp3 preview]
03: Tunnelvision [mp3 preview]
04: Palm Freak [mp3 preview]
05: Alley Kat [mp3 preview]
06: Accelerator [mp3 preview]
07: Road Hog [mp3 preview]
08: Trippin' High [mp3 preview]
09: The Hustler [mp3 preview]
10: Stunt Grand Prix [mp3 preview]
11: Bump & Grind [mp3 preview]
12: Monkey See Monkey Do [mp3 preview]

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Reviews for "Accelerator":

"Wow, after a long (much too long) time (when was the release of 'Revive'?) again a new CD in my beloved (no, I'm not paid for that) Dr.Awesome-style. Yeah, this music really rocks! Easy listening with the special hi-energy-feeling, never boring, and the more you listen, the more you understand...More, Bjorn, please more!!!" - Volker Buckow, Germany

"Well, being a prog-rock fanatic when I read the description above I didn't think this CD could have interested me. How wrong I was - this album is fantastic, fast, full of energy... Don't think of it as a simple, "commercial-sounding" production. If you are a more "cerebral" listener like me, you'll be happy to know that there's an inner complexity in these tracks that you'll notice only if you listen carefully: under the "easy" dress there's always that "progressive" feeling typical of that great computer music of the 90's, lots of different themes continuously developing and changing... Bjorn is a master! And while you listen you can really *feel* the sheer fun and passion Bjorn had while putting the album together. Honestly I can't think of a better recommendation." - Bruno Del Frate, Italy

"It's crazy but it's true – a person could listen to nothing but Bjorn's music and still be considered to have unusually broad tastes! This album of fast, dancey, hard-driving barnstormers has almost nothing in common with most of the music released under Bjorn Lynne's 'real' name – except for the obvious fact that it's brilliant, original stuff that just grows and grows and grows on you. If you had to define where the sound of this album fits in the Lynne discography, you could say it's "Divinorum goes on his Summer Holidays with his favourite driving music". The energy in these tracks is something else, but it never comes at the expense of great chords, melodies or atmosphere. 'Palm Freak' and 'The Hustler' in particular have killer riffs that Jimmy Page would give his eye teeth for, while 'Trippin' HIgh' sounds like Future Sound of London after many cups of strong coffee. If you're a 'standard' lynnemusic fan it may take you a while to get into these tracks – but get into them you will, and you will NEVER ESCAPE! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha..." - Nick Green, UK

"Very different from his former releases, this CD is very interesting, energetic, dynamising. Palm Freak, Alley Kat, The Hustler, Bump&Grind are excellent. Some tracks on the other hand are sometimes a bit heavy (tiring, as turbo grid), or sound too commercial (accelerator)... OVERALL, it's a nice CD, which proves, once again, that Bjorn can be successful in any kind of music. I'm eager to discover his new CD Colony to see if he can still be as good as he used to be in the 'space rock' area.. I hope his music won't lose its personality." - Mahendra Tallur, France

"Bjorn Lynne has gained much admiration among both the EM & symphonic/progrock crowds for the way he has mastered the unifying of these differing musical styles.He`s also done quite well composing music for computer games which has seen him exploring more upbeat,trendy styles,usually under the pseudonym Dr.Awesome (under which name he`s also produced a few hardcore techno albums).

While the music on this latest album seems to have been influenced by his work in these areas,it reveals a new variation on Bjorn`s hybrid of styles by introducing some exciting funk,jazz & even soul stylings.This is immediately obvious once the opening tracks `Turbo Grid` & `Play Dirty` get into their stride.The scorching rhythms are full of good old-fashioned funk while the guitars of Bjorn & guest axe man Marc Pattison lay down some red hot licks & grinding rhythm patterns that should keep the rockers amongst you happy,there`s even the unmistakeable sound of the Minimoog in there,too,what more could you possibly ask for?

The hyper speed jazzfunk of`Palm Freak` is pretty much from the same school &,as such,might prove a bit of a handful for many EM listeners but the sheer power & vitality of the music cannot fail to win over all but the most cold blooded EM puritan.

Breaking up these tracks,`Tunnelvision` does bear a stronger resemblance to Lynne`s recognisable style,albeit with some rather hyper rhythms which is where the jazz influences can again be detected, albeit in a less obvious form that fit in well with the rest of the album.

`Road Hog` rings the changes somewhat in that it mixes slightly more mechanical rhythm patterns with undeniably human refrains & reminds me slightly of some of Gary Numan`s mid 80s works,believe it or not.It`s not so much the way the music actually sounds but more to do with the manner in which the two differing are successfully merged (the skillfull bass guitar line is another pointer in that direction, too).

But,if it`s a full on feelgood rock out you`re looking for then give `Alley Kat` a spin as this jazzy,funky,hard hitting piece delivers on all fronts.The mighty horn blasts serve as an added ingredient & this piece is as sassy & streetwise as any cool kat could wish to be & the similarly spirited `The Hustler` will have you strutting your funky stuff in true `Shaft` style in no time flat.The feelgood comments apply equally to the industrial-tinged `Stunt Grand Prix` (which undoubtedly sounds like a computer game title!) with it`s mighty rhythmic wall of sound backing some suprisingly uplifting & infectious chords.

Getting even more trendy & adding a more modern slant to proceedings,`Trippin High` is very much in the realms of ambient drum & bass with spacey chords set against the relentless,frenetic rhythms before another jazzy offering,Bump & Grind`,this time with some serious analogue-like bass sequencing thrown in give the piece a slightly more mechanical touch.This doesn`t inhibit the piece at all,on the contrary it gives the whole thing an added impetus that is an undoubted bonus.All of which leaves the coast clear for the laid back closer that is `Monkey See Monkey Do`, where some appropriately floating synths compliment the lazy rhythms that turn this into a tasty slice of chilled out funk,which,if you took away the passion & innovation might sound a little like Level 42.Luckily Bjorn manages to elevate the music many many notches above such goings on & maintains the impreccable high standards he has set himself throughout the album.

So while the EM & progrock purists might turn their noses up at this,the electronic elements do still pop up regularly,although they`re not the focal point for most of the album,more an added ingredient.Having said that this is one not to be missed if you`re in the mood for a pulse-racing delight from the world`s first Norwegian soul brother." - Carl Jenkinson, Sequences Magazine

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.